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What Do You Think About Joss Whedon's Mitt Romney Video?

What Do You Think About Joss Whedon's Mitt Romney Video?

With just a mere few days to go until Americans file into the voting booths to decide this crucial upcoming election, Joss Whedon (Avengers mastermind and geek extraordinaire) has released a satirical video that puts his political views front and center in quite an unconventional manner. The video features Whedon endorsing Mitt Romney, not because he believes Romney would make a strong, capable leader, but because he believes Mitt is the candidate more likely to make all the wrong choices that will inevitably usher us into the impending zombie apocalypse. Yes, you heard correctly, the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

This video, which has been hailed as bitingly clever by some (see what we did there?) and unsupported by facts by others, marks the first time that Whedon has stepped up to the plate to let American know where he stands on the issues.

Take a look yourself and see what you think:

The connection he creates between the idea of a zombie apocalypse and our country going down the tubes is an effective one, but is it a fair comparison to draw? More importantly is this even territory that a public entertainer should venture into? Should the guy just shut up and crank out Avengers 2, or does his two cents create a worthwhile and stimulating debate?

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