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5 Things That Must Happen On the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

5 Things That Must Happen On the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

The Doctor has been around for almost as long as television has (okay... not quite, but you get the point). This winter will bring us the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. An anniversary such as this is, of course, fraught with expectations, excitement, and extraterrestrials. Below are 5 Things that we think must happen on the 50th Anniversary—followed by 5 things that must not.


1. The trifecta of evil: Cybermen, Daleks, and THE MASTER

Everyone knows The Doctor has three main nemesii: those salt and pepper shaker purists the Daleks, the robitcon Cybermen, and the Doctor's twisted Time Lord reflection, otherwise known as The Master. Moffat has just begun bringing the Daleks back (in what seems to be an interesting plot twist), but Cybermen have been scarce, and The Master hasn't been around since Tennant left. Naturally we want all 3, but we are really rooting for The Master. And not Russell T. Davies's emo, misunderstood Master: we want him evil, we want him genius, and we want him out for world domination. And would it perhaps be too much to ask for Benedict Cumberbatch to be cast in the role? Imagine: An Evil Sherlock heading an army of Cybermen and Daleks against and The Doctor in a battle of wits and pithy throw away lines that somehow come back to MEAN something, plot-wise. An epic showdown for an epic anniversary.

2. An Explanation of The Silence

This plot-line has dragged on long enough. So they're a religious sect... who think knowing the Doctor's name means the end of the world? Universe? It's still so very confusing. Plus, this obsession with his name is getting old. He's The Doctor. He runs around in a stolen Tardis with bowties and Converses and fezes and he saves us without untoward violence. Isn't what he is enough? Why do we need to find out WHO?

3. More than One Doctor

Granted time might explode, but it would be worth it. The short David Tennant and Peter Davison filmed in 2007 for Children in Need was brilliant. And multiple versions of The Doctors has been done in the past (see The Five Doctors ). We're not saying bring all 11 back. Just the reboot's three: Christopher Eccelston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. Dark doctor, fun doctor, and spastic doctor: how would they work together? Who will talk the fastest? Will one (or all) of them have a sonic screwdriver? The possibilities are endless.

4. Captain Jack

If only for a line. We've missed the dashing smile, the enormous military coat, and the multiple death scenes for far too long. Plus, the way Torchwood ended was extremely... extreme. Jack can't fade off into the horizon in sadness and tragedy. He must return! With a grin and a whole new arsenal of innuendos!

5. River Song Goes Away

We've already seen her "death" in The Library episodes. Can we get to the episode before that so she can go away for the rest of eternity? We get that she and The Doctor have a quippy, flirty, "I'm a psychopath, you're a sociopath" thing going on. Enough already. Plus, now that the Amy and Rory storyline has come to a close, it seems only natural to resolve the River-Doctor relationship as well. Out with the old, in with the new. Besides, Alexis Kingston would kill it in a good-bye scene.


1. The New Companion

We already met her in the season premiere. She's a girl that got turned into a Dalek that's a super genius who saves the Doctor. She's also incredibly annoying, and just seems like a female version of The Doctor, meaning she's River Song without the neediness. The point for The Doctor to have a Companion is so he doesn't forget compassion and get wrapped up in cleverness. This new chickie doesn't seem the type to inspire empathy. Let's put it this way: she is no Rose. For the 50th Anniversary, The Doctor needs a Rose.

2. Anyone getting a Doctor Doll as reward for their Companion fidelity

Speaking of Rose, is anyone still angry about the way Russell T. Davies wrapped up her storyline? He gave her a mortal Doctor to play with, saying "this is The Doctor version 2.0" except version 1.0 is who Rose DESERVED? Now Steven Moffat doesn't seem to be the pandering type, and we doubt he would pull such a terrible move. Still. Please. No.

3. A regeneration

Matt Smith has denied, denied and further denied he is leaving the show, despite the fact his career is heating up faster than an engine at the start of the Indy 500. We hope he isn't lying so he and Moffat can pull a big surprise on everyone. The 50th Anniversary is big enough without throwing a brand new Doctor in the mix. Yet it's a move that Steven Moffat would pull, and then laugh evilly at the fan reaction.

4. We learn The Doctor's real name

The show is called Doctor Who, not Doctor Galifraxsomethingwordplayclever/Latin. For further explanation as to why this might not happen, see the second half of #2's MUST HAVES.

5.  Anything that reeks of clever and lacks heart

Lately the story lines and characterizations have been gravitating away from the emotional pull that a young audience needs, and heading more towards heavy adult complexity. We want to run the gamut of emotions when watching the 50th Anniversary, and have to hole up with a pint of ice cream and Oreo cookies for a week just to deal with the ending.

What do you want to see (and NOT see) on the 50th anniversary?

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