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Butt Kicking Babies!

Butt Kicking Babies!

Until recently babies have generally been know for being adorable little poop factories dependent on the nurturing care of an adult for survival. Well, thanks ingenious advancements in CGI technology, they've recently evolved from the defenseless little droolers of yesterday into nothing short of highly athletic, butt kicking machines of destruction. Don't believe us? Well, take a look at these videos and marvel at their uncanny physical prowess. Look out, Mighty Avengers, the babies are taking over!

Dragon Baby

This little gem just hit the web, and we think it's pretty much a given that it's going to go viral. It pits a black belt baby in classic Bruce Lee attire against a fiendish stuffed dragon, in a grueling fight complete with back flips and a heart-stopping death punch that has to be seen to be believed.

Iron Baby

Iron Baby comes from Canadian viral master Patrick Boivin, and if the style seems familiar, that's because he's the same mastermind who brought us Dragon Baby. This one has even bigger thrills than the last and in all seriousness gives Iron Man a run for its money in terms of over the top action movie thrills. It packs a lot of punch into its minute long running time, and even stars the director's daughter in the role of Baby Stark.

Ninja Baby

This butt-kicking baby clip comes to you courtesy of Japan. It features a little guy who has the swagger of a martial artist down pat. Don't be surprised if you see this fierce infant taking over Jet Li's role in The Expendables 3!

The Incredible Samba Dancing Baby

This video is actually the most amazing of the bunch, and maybe he doesn't look like a threat, but with this exceptional body control, it's pretty much a no brainer that he's going to either grow up to be a master assassin or at least the greatest dancer the world has ever known. Seriously, this is insane. When we were this age, our special talents were just staring out into space for minutes on end and burping. His talents make us feel kind of inadequate, to tell you the truth…

Did we miss any talented baby vids?

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