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The 7 Longest Board Games in Existence

The 7 Longest Board Games in Existence

True or false: It's easier to get people to sit down and play a game of Risk than it is a game of Guitar Hero.

FALSE. It's never fun being the one person in your friend group who likes board games and has to drag everyone else along. So next time your friends are complaining about how long your board game of choice is, just say, "Hey least it's not one of these":

DISCLAIMER: Playing times are average, not exact.

7. Monopoly. Have you ever even finished a game of Monopoly? This game doesn't count. Playing time: 90-150 minutes.

6. Axis & Allies. Why is it that WWII games are always long? Just setting up the pieces for this game takes half an hour. Playing time: 3 hours.

5. 7 Ages. This is like Sid Meier's Civilization or all the Age of Empires games put together. You, as an emperor, guide your empire through 4000 B.C. to 2000 A.D. Playing time: 8 hours.

4. Europe Engulfed. BoardGameGeek users suggest this game for "16 and up," and we'd add "nerdy, homeschooled 16 and up who want to have a career in authoring History Channel specials...back in the 1990s when it actually had history specials." As you might guess, it's about the European theater of WWII. This game clocks in at 12 hours; a more apt name for it might be "Life Engulfed." Playing time: 12 hours.

3. The Longest Day. If you didn't guess by the name, this Normandy Invasion strategy game takes 5400 minutes to finish. On the box it says "best with 6 players," but good luck getting five other people to spend months and months of Game Nights to finish this woolly mammoth of a board game, which has over 1500 battalion pieces. Playing time: 90 hours.

2. World in Flames. For those board gamers who aren't satisfied with one map they have to watch, this one has five. I don't know how so many WWII board games of incomprehensible length sprang up in the latter half of the 20th century, or what demographic these games targeted. Somewhere in France there's probably a society of old men who laugh at society while smoking and meeting to play games like World in Flames. Playing time: 100 hours.

1. The Campaign for North Africa. Prepare to have your mind blown by the fact that people have actually played this game. The map is 10 square feet. The game takes 10 players. The game includes 18,000 counters and a rulebook in three volumes. Each team consists of a Commander-in-Chief, a Logistics Commander, a Rear Area Commander, an Air Commander, and a Frontline Commander. And games have clocked in at 1500 hours, more than 2 months. It's said that no one has actually ever finished the game, which leads us to wonder; how do we know the players didn't just kill themselves after 1500 hours? Playing time: 62 days.

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