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Which Star Wars Character Are You?

Which Star Wars Character Are You?

By now, you've all heard the big news: in 2015, the world will once again travel a long time ago to a galaxy far away. Disney has announced their new Star Wars trilogy, which will carry on where The Return of the Jedi left off. What better time to figure out just what side you're on—the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, or whoever pays the most. Take our quiz to find out what Star Wars character you are!

1. If there's one thing you stand for, it is:

a) Self-preservation in theory, but your friends insist on making a hero out of you.

b) Wisdom, especially with regards to one's self.

c) The right for all peoples to be independent.

d) There is good in everyone.

e) Power.

2. Your biggest weakness is:

a) Your self-doubt.

b) Your arrogance.

c) Your love for your friends. But don't go blabbing that to them.

d) Your confidence, which happens to also be your biggest strength.

e) Grammar.

3. You are ambushed by your enemies! Your first reaction is to:

a) Introduce them to your lightsaber.

b) Run after them, blasters a-blazing.

c) If you're outnumbered, you'll allow them to take you prisoner so you can spy on them.

d) Use the Force to brainwash them into letting you pass without incident. Violence isn't always necessary.

e) Use the Force to kill them all. Violence isn't always necessary, but you stopped caring about that long ago.

4. One of your allies tries and fails to capture an enemy. Your reaction is to:

a) Kill them. What? Am I supposed to just have failures working for me? No thanks.

b) Rag on them a little, but leave it at that. You're all on the same side.

c) Analyze what went wrong, and start planning your next move. No judgment necessary.

d) Help them see that there is no "try."

e) Be compassionate. You know what it's like to disappoint those you love.

5. Your professor discovers you passing notes in class. You respond by:

a) Giving her the note. You are perfectly capable of defending its contents.

b) Passing notes isn't really your style. You're, let's say,confrontational.

c) Smooth-talking your way out of it, then checking to see if your desk has a hyperspeed drive.

d) Let her take the note. She probably won't understand your sentence structure anyway.

e) Saying, "this is not the note you're looking for." The Force is so handy!

If your answers best matched this set
1A, 2C, 3B, 4B, 5C
you are Han Solo:

Oh you lovable rogue, you. You learned the hard way that you could only count on yourself, and then unlearned it all when you met the right group of people. Though you still maintain your rapscallion ways, we see through the act to the hero you are on the inside. We love you, and you know.

If your answers best matched this set
1B, 2E, 3D, 4D, 5D
you are Yoda:

Your life is one huge testament to the power of positive thinking. You are frustrated that you often believe in others more than they believe in themselves, yet patient when teaching them how to harness their inner power. And hey, we think you look pretty good for 900-years-old!

If your answers best matched this set
1C, 2D, 3C, 4C, 5A
you are Princess Leia:

You are one tough cookie. You're smart and fearless, yet deeply compassionate. Some may think you're bossy, but hey, that's just what it takes to get things done. You're also a genius with insults; we're especially appreciative of "stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder." Burn.

If your answers best matched this set
1D, 2A, 3A, 4E, 5E
you are Luke Skywalker:

It may take you a long time to conquer your feelings of self-doubt; just count the number of times Luke says "I can't" in Episodes 4 and 5. But that's what makes the journey so spectacular. Unlike another certain Skywalker, your lack of arrogance is why you're most legendary Jedi of all time.

If your answers best matched this set
1E, 2B, 3E, 4A, 5B.
you are Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader:

You are the ultimate example of why doing bad things for good reasons never works out. When you turned to the Dark Side, you were too confident you could make it work for good. Instead, it transformed you from a Jedi to a Sith. Still, you are seriously badass; we have to give you that. There's no underestimating of the Dark Side on our end!

Which character are you?

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