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The 5 Greatest Sci-Fi Kisses

The 5 Greatest Sci-Fi Kisses

Science fiction has a reputation of working in extremes. The stakes are higher, the explosions hotter, the aliens scarier. A happy side effect of this phenomena is raw, untrammeled passion. Characters tossed together in unstable circumstances build intense connections that require an outlet of equal or greater intensity. This can lead to some serious smooch-age. Here are our picks for the 5 best kisses in the sci-fi genre:

The Matrix: Trinity & Neo

Say what you will for the sequels, The Matrix is a fantastic film. While the world was falling to pieces around them, Trinity still found time to give Neo some tender loving care, shocking him back from death’s door to return as a Dragon Ball Z-esque super power. Imagine if she had tried that earlier?

Planet of the Apes: Taylor & Zira

Taylor has never been the most sympathetic protagonist. He actively sabotages the morale of his crew, has some questionable ethics toward women, and never loses an opportunity to protest. All of this is a prelude to him kissing Zira, the one ape who didn’t entirely underestimate him. This simple act shows that even Bright Eyes can let go of his prejudices, though you have to wrest them from his cold, dead hands.

Blade Runner: Deckard & Rachael

This is easily one of the most complicated scenes of cinematic passion ever filmed. Rachel is a machine, and Deckard treats her like one, forcing her to parrot his commands as though they were her own. It’s clear that he has to work through some very heavy emotions, and that she’s having trouble navigating her human/robot identity. Cue the saxophone!

Dark City: John & Emma Murdoch

At this point in the film, John Murdoch knows that his memories of his marriage are fabricated, but he can’t deny his feelings any longer. He uses his psychic power to shatter prison-grade glass and lock lips with Jennifer Connelly. This is the moment in Dark City when John and the audience know he’s going to do everything it takes to survive his hostile environment.

Alien: Kane & the Facehugger

You were expecting Kirk and Uhura, right? Think again. First contact with an alien species took the form of an extended interspecies makeout session between two dudes. Leave it to John Hurt to think outside of the box. They’re called facehuggers, and that means affection. All they want is the right astronaut to make them feel special.

Did we miss any?

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