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The Hobbit Closing Credits Song Just Leaked!

The Hobbit Closing Credits Song Just Leaked!

Warner Brothers

The song that will play during the end credits of The Hobbit was just leaked and it's... um... not what we expected. We're not saying it's bad. Just different. Listen for yourself:

The artist is Neil Finn, who was the front man for a popular 1980's group Crowded House ("Hey now, Hey now, don't dream it's oooover"). For this musical outing, though, he sounds like he's going a little farther back in time for inspiration. Like, back to the time of druids and folk musicians (they existed at the same time, right?). It isn't that we necessarily thought there'd be the sounds of clanging swords and the roar of a dragon's fiery breath laid over blasting horns and thunderous timpani, but...

Actually. That's exactly what we were expecting, come to think of it.

But don't get us wrong! We're not complaining! It sounds like the lyrics are at least inspired by some of the songs the dwarves sing in the book. And it has a pleasant, churning, folksy kind of quality to it. Also, it's the closing credits song for part one, so we might still get our horns and timpani in parts two and/or three.

But if we get to the first appearance of Smaug and there isn't a brass section, there may be a problem.

What did you guys think of The Hobbit closing credits song?

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