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What Should and Shouldn't Happen in the New Star Wars Films

What Should and Shouldn't Happen in the New Star Wars Films

Ever since it was announced that there would a seventh film installment—and subsequent others—to the Star Wars saga, the geeky masses have felt nothing but apprehension... including all of us over at The MindHut! Based on the innumerable mistakes made in the prequel trilogy, you really can’t blame us or anyone else for worrying about what could go wrong with these new films. But for all our lambasting, us geeks are a contradictory lot that are also counting the ways Episode VII and beyond can be done right. So here are some of the things that should and shouldn’t happen in the new Star Wars films.

What Should Happen

1) The Formation of the New Republic

Upon the destruction of the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor, the Empire’s stranglehold over the galaxy was curtailed and the Rebel Alliance soon became the New Republic. But its formation wasn’t without its obstacles. There were plenty of threats to the fledgling New Republic and a sequel trilogy centered around the Imperial malcontents wishing to take control through sabotage or other hostile means would make for the perfect canvas to set the story for the sequel trilogy upon. And speaking of Imperials...

2) The Imperial Civil War

A common Star Wars misconception is that once the second Death Star was blown to smithereens the Empire surrendered and quickly dissolved. Not true. In fact, some of the Empire’s top brass went rogue and audaciously declared themselves rightful heirs to what remained. As such, a power struggle ensued amongst mutinous Imperial sects with the New Republic caught in the middle. In the comics, the Imperial Civil War made for some fantastic ground and space battles, but couldn’t you just imagine the epic majesty of some Imperial Fleet vs. Imperial Fleet action thanks to the wizards at Industrial Light and Magic?

3) A Revival of the Jedi Order

Order 66 may have wiped out a majority of the Jedi, but many of them managed to go into hiding and lay low until the political atmosphere improved. Like the Republic of yore, the New Republic will need its keepers of the peace and that falls into the hands of the Jedi—with the surviving older generation bequeathing their wisdom and skill upon the younger Jedi-in-the-making. As per the course, there’s always a clash of ideologies between the old and the new with flared tempers typically resulting in a trip to the dark side of the Force. Essentially, we'd get the successor to Darth Vader’s infamy.

4) The Introduction of New (But Relevant) Characters

Not letting our rabid fanboy or fangirlism cloud rationality, let’s be honest with ourselves: as much as we’d love to see Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and the rest of the original cast reprise their roles, they’ve done their time (and anything at this point would just be forced fan service). A new film means new opportunity and with that should be new characters that actually serve a purpose to the overall plot. An idealistic New Republic recruit? An ex-Imperial loyalist wishing to atone for his or her misguided past? The galaxy’s the limit!

What Shouldn’t Happen

1) Gungan Jedis

Given the Gungan races’ propensity for clumsy buffoonery, giving one of them a lightsaber means that the Jedi Temple's “Days Without An Accident” sign would never go past zero.

2) Casting Disney Channel Pop Stars

The probability of such a scenario actually happening are slim, but Disney’s track record of incessantly pandering to the tween scene justifies this sliver of fear. The company needs to expedite the popularity process of one of its stars? A movie like Star Wars could do that—and Disney can since it now wields carte blanche over Lucasfilm. Episode I: The Phantom Menace had an obnoxious kid actor in the form of Jake Lloyd, so what’s stopping Disney?

3) Creating An Entirely New Threat

Star Wars is shaky ground when it comes to throwing in a third contender in the Rebel Alliance/Empire conflict dynamic. True, it’s been done in the comics, but films are a completely different variety of creature that really don’t have that license to experiment with new elements. Rushing to create a new common enemy between the two factions can come off as uninspired and muddle the complexity that is already inherent within the Star Wars films.

4) Boba Fett

Is Boba Fett awesome? Immeasurably. Is he a cash cow that needs to be put to rest? Yes, young padawan, he is.

What do you think should or shouldn’t happen in the new Star Wars films?

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