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6 Quirky Turkey Day Novelties!

6 Quirky Turkey Day Novelties!

Well, Masterminds. That most gluttonous of holidays is just about here! It’s almost time to gather together with your kooky family, give thanks for what you’re lucky enough to have, and scarf down all the deliciousness your body can physically handle. But with great holidays come great novelties. Or, maybe in this case, oddities. So, in celebration of one of our favorite holidays, we give you: 6 way bizarre Thanksgiving-themed oddities!

1. Baskin Robbins Turkey Cake

This cake shaped like a turkey is, according to its maker, quite popular. It serves up to 12 people, and, if you’re not down with picking up the full cake, sugar cone turkey legs are also available. Gobble gobble...brain freeze!

2. Stuffing flavored ice cream

Let’s say ice cream turkey cakes aren’t your thing? You crave a frozen novelty with the flavors and aromas of stuffing. No problemo! This stuffing flavored ice cream by Salt and Straw is no joke! Made with oranges, fresh thyme, and stuffing, it both terrified and delighted those who tried it on the daytime talk show circuit recently. We’re not sure if it would be surprisingly delicious or wretchedly bad, but we’d be keen to finding out!

3. Jones Holiday Soda Packs

This natural soda company is responsible for some mad tasty flavors. It has also brought some scary into the world—chiefly, it’s infamous 2005 holiday pack, which included Turkey and Gravy, Mashed Potato, and Green Bean Casserole flavored sodas. One online review of the sodas noted that “If you took gravy, melted it, made a candle, melted that and then added water, you might have this. Gross.” We’ll take his/her word for it!

4. Thanksgiving gumballs

Chew on this: you can buy a package of Thanksgiving themed gumballs. The package is five bucks, and contains three flavors: turkey, cranberry, and pumpkin pie. We wonder if Veruca Salt would be at all tempted? This company is also responsible for the...

5. Inflatable turkey

Really, what holiday would be complete without inflatable foodstuffs? The purpose of this item? We’re not entirely sure. Decorative statement? Could be. Gag gift? Most likely. Regardless, this inflatable bird resides in Weirdville and is eye-roll inducing!

6. Toy Turkey that dispenses... poo...

Yes. You read that right! This vintage novelty toy releases little brown candies every time you—and we’re not kidding here—press down on its bum. How fun! Imagine showing this one off to your grandparents! Interestingly enough, we are not sure exactly what those little brown candies are made of. It doesn’t say...

Which over-the-top Thanksgiving-themed stuff have you encountered?

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