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Kids Talking About Music and Movies Are HILARIOUS!

Kids Talking About Music and Movies Are HILARIOUS!

Kids are cute. And they say the darndest things. These two things we know are true. And somebody out there in the internets realized that cute kids saying the darndest things about music and movies would be something that a kajillion people would probably want to watch on YouTube. They were right! These videos are dangerously addictive, and we're showing you our favorites just to get you hooked, too.

We are such a terrible influence on you.

Noisey's Cute Kids Reviews

Vice Magazine's music arm, Noisey, has put together a series where they interview, not just cute kids, but cute British kids talking about popular music. Your head will explode from the pinky-puffy-cutiness of it all! Our favorite one is the kids reviewing the Skrillex song "Bangarang." We think one little girl said it best when she exclaimed "This music makes me want to slap my sister's fat bum." Indeed.

Lights, Camera, Jackson!

The CBS Early Show made a bold move in choosing 11 year old Jackson to be their voice of cinema a couple years ago. His enthusiasm is... um... a LOT. It is difficult to watch him. It isn't that we don't agree with his thoughts (we found Inception super confusing too), but his style is so aggressive and over the top, that we found ourselves looking away from the screen at times. Still, though, the kid knows his movies.

Kids Report Movie Review

Our heads are spinning with this one. This clip is from a vintage kiddie news show with two weird, disagreeable, pre-teen movie hosts reviewing the 1980's classic Pretty in Pink. So many questions. Like: what's with that kid's "mom glasses?" Why does the segment start with a smoking plant? Do they like the movie or not? Are "long scenes and short sentences" the main problem with all bad movies? You decide.

How to Wake Up a Kid

So, technically this is not a kid reviewing a movie or music, per se, but it is too good to not include. We won't tell you anything other than this: this kid rocks harder than you.

Did we miss any?

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