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The Monty Python Films: A Ranking From Least Fave to Most Awesome

The Monty Python Films: A Ranking From Least Fave to Most Awesome

Monty Python

According to, Benedict Cumberbatch is all set to star in a new Monty Python movie. Or, at least a Monty Python affiliated movie. Either way, we consider it an epic win. Which got us into a hot debate: which Python films are the best? Which are not so wunderbar?

Here is our completely biased list of Monty Python movies, from least worthy to comic genius.

5. And Now For Something Completely Different

....wasn't actually all that different from their original sketches, because well, it was a compilation of their Flying Circus sketches. For the best of the best, it totally works. As a first feature film, complete fail. It's akin to a "clips" show, because clearly the entire writing staff took a long lunch that week (And no, the ironic title does not save it).

4. Monty Python Live At The Hollywood Bowl

It's SNL Python-style. Granted, it's a lot funnier than well, anything SNL does these days. Still. It's a live show. Better for chuckles than wonders of wit.

3. Monty Python's Meaning of Life

This was their last major feature film, and it is as dark as comedy can get (it has the infamous Mr. Creosote sketch in it). And as far as structure goes, well, there's really no storyline. Or cartoons. And it's weird. It's one of those movies where you scratch your head and say "Whaaaat?" afterwards. But you laugh anyways, because well, it's Python and it's funny.

2. Monty Python's Life of Brian

"Always look on the bright side of life." Classic. Classic Chapman, Classic Jones, Classic Everyone. Plus, they were bold enough to satirize the New Testament, and got flack for it. They also get points because the concept was born out of their desire to shut reporters up about their next film. Ah, comedy and life, the line between the two always blurs with the greats.

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

SILENCE all you crankers who say this film is overrated. It. Is. Not. Non sequiter ending aside (in fact, Eric Idle's daughter hated it), we defy you to find a moment that is not hilarious. It's quotes are legendary, it's often most people's introduction to British humor, and it's just fracking funny. We could quote you the entire script verbatim all day long. But we won't because you probably have things to do. If you haven't seen it, go and rent/netflix/download it immediately. You don't understand life until you watch Holy Grail. Just sayin' (and no, just watching the musical Spamalot does not count).

POLL: Which Monty Python film is your favorite?

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