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We're All Going to Own Robots Soon (Plus 9 Other Predictions About the Future)

We're All Going to Own Robots Soon (Plus 9 Other Predictions About the Future)

Recently, The Futurist Magazine posted their list of top ten predictions for 2013 and beyond, predicting what new technologies and social advances will most likely happen in the years to come. io9 also posted an article on the list, giving their take on the predictions. We thought we'd be lemmings and add our two cents, because you can never have too many predictions about what the future might hold.

Prediction #1: Neuroscientists will be able to predict what you do before you do it

Anybody feel this is way too Minority Report for their comfort? Now, they're probably not hooking up three precogs to a creepy pool mind machine and holding them against their will to predict crimes....or are they? Uh-oh. Tom Cruise, you better start watching your back.

Prediction #2: Future cars will be power-producers instead of the gas-guzzling machines we know and love/hate

Hey, we're all for cars being the new batteries for life. Just like we're all for Sweden importing trash for fuel (yes, they actually do this, which is just one of the many reasons Sweden is awesome). Can you imagine? Gridlock and traffic jams would become one big battery you could plug your iPod into (and also, no more annoying bicyclists!).

Prediction #3: There will be an aquaponic recycling system in every kitchen

We knew we would live to see the Jetsons come true! Now someone just needs to invent a maid/nanny robot, then life will officially be exactly like a cartoon. Epic.

Prediction #4: Although the economy will become increasingly jobless, there will still be plenty of work

Hello, the age of the entrepreneur. This ought to relieve a lot of still-at-home jobless college grads (and their parents).

Prediction #5: The next space age will happen after 2020

YES!!!!! Unless it becomes evil corporation against exploration (like in Avatar). Wait: Avatar could actually be a reality. YES!!!!

Prediction #6: The cloud will become smarter

As in, computers will eventually take over our lives...our minds...our bodies...our Twitter handles. Hey, we all knew it was going to happen at some point. We may as well bow to the inevitable and hope they come up with a funny song about the extermination of the human race.

Prediction #7: Corporate reputation will become more important to maintain, as augmented....basically, companies will have to bow to the will of the people

In the future, banks being crappy/singlehandedly causing a recession will not earn them a bailout. Win for the 99%.

Prediction #8: Robots will become gentler caregivers in the next decade nannies? And maids? NICE ones? IT IS THE JETSONS.

Prediction #9: Noise and "junk" energy from gadgets will be harnessed to power said gadgets

This is like saying the useless heat energy that is given off every time something "works" will actually be useful, instead of frying your battery life. Hey, why not?

Prediction #10: A handheld breathalyzer will be able to detect early infections and dangerous microbes and chemical attacks

Guess the zombie apocalypse won't be happening after all. Sigh...of happiness? (Are we alone in wanting a teeny, tiny zombie battle where we behead zombies with a sword? Is it selfish that we dream of this?)

POLL: Do you think The Futurist's List of Predictions Is:

A) Lame. Uh, where's the woman President?

B) So exact, you told your parents to invest in a space travel company immediately

C) Disappointing. There are no zombies in it anywhere.

D) Manipulative, because you're from the future...and you told them exactly what to say.

E) Time can be re-written. This is not grammatically correct, but it's nonetheless your response.

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