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12 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Places More Awesome Than Hogwarts!

12 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Places More Awesome Than Hogwarts!

Or at least as awesome. Or almost as awesome, but less by a fifth of a googol.

Before you start spouting crazy talk, remember that we all love Harry Potter here and we all think Hogwarts is iconic...but there are other wizard schools, even in Harry Potter's world. These places are one of a kind and cool no matter who's there. Boris Yeltsin could be the owner and they'd still be awesome.

Camp Half-Blood

At Hogwarts you can play Quidditch, but at Camp Half-Blood you can play Capture the Flag. With swords. Aw yeah.

Battle School

You can duel another student at Hogwarts, but can you have a team firefight in zero gravity with laser guns?

The Matrix

If you're Neo. You don't even need a broom to fly in the Matrix. And you can't learn super karate or how to fly a helicopter in seconds at Hogwarts.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Hogwarts is fantastic, but it's missing one thing: Goku. Everybody wants to train with Goku.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Milliways)

At Hogwarts, dinner entertainment is usually old men introducing the new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher, but at Milliways you can see the end of the universe while you eat and have dessert after.


If you're Batman. If not, Hogwarts is a way better place to be.


Because magic is cool, but being giant is kind of a lot cooler.


Because at Hogwarts, they only use time manipulation to do more school.

Super Mario Land

If you're Mario. If you're a Koopa, you should take whichever pipe goes to Hogwarts.

Jedi Temple

At Hogwarts, you don't get a wand until you're eleven. At the Jedi Temple they give you a lightsaber when you're five!


If you're Peter Pan or have a lot of pixie dust.


If you're a mutant, anyway, because you'd feel pretty out of place at wizard school. "Wow! You can shoot lasers from your eyes? That's awesome! What other spells can you do?"

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If you could go to one of these places, which would it be?

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