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What Say You? How Should Luke, Han, and Leia Die?

What Say You? How Should Luke, Han, and Leia Die?

Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, recently reminded the world that he initially wanted his beloved rogue to die in the original Star Wars trilogy. He also hinted that he would be open to reprising the role in the future. So EW decided to hypothesize various ways in which Han should meet his maker in the upcoming (gulp) Disney trilogy. They suggested everything from the cliché (dying in his sleep) to the highly improbable (in a final action-packed battle with Boba Fett).

So we decided to take it a step further, and pose the question to those we think are much better suited for such fare: If you wrote the script, Masterminds, how would the following characters meet their ends?

Luke Skywalker

We think Luke should prolly die in these new flicks—he’s going to have to play the Obi-Wan role and sacrifice himself for future generations of Jedis. So how should he go? A brain aneurism while trying a very, very complicated Jedi mind trick? Betrayed at the hands of someone he trusted? Maybe a new badass Imperial force? This one is a biggie, Masterminds! Thoughts?

C3PO / R2D2

Threepio has literally been disassembled, and “We’re doomed” is one of his catchphrases. R2 has been shot and electrocuted, and survived a harrowing battle with Jabba’s lapdog Salacious Crumb. So, would it be beyond moving to see one or both droids die the true death? Or would it be unnecessarily evil? If they DO die, how should they go? Should they meet a relative of the trash compactor from whence they once helped their friends escape? Will they be recycled by an environmentally conscious new enemy? Or should R2 and Threepio be the last two standing?

Han Solo

On a recent talk show appearance, when asked her thoughts on Han and Leia’s future, Carrie Fisher joked that she always assumed Mr. and Mrs. Solo would have “fought and fought” until “I killed him.” Should Han die in battle, domestic or otherwise? Might Leia, in the process of letting her doughnut bun hair down, accidentally strike him with it, blinding him for eternity, leaving him vulnerable and avec eye patch? Maybe on Robot Chicken. Han will most likely die a hero’s death. So how should he go?

Princess Leia Organa

As the series’ resident female badass, our only stipulation is that she goes down fighting. But fighting whom? And for what? Should she die protecting her kids? Should she and Han perish together? Various Star Wars lore has Leia becoming a Jedi and a fierce warrior in her own right, so we’d love to see the results of that somehow, either through her children, or in a major mind-tricky kind of way. Regardless, we want Leia to have a death befitting her badassery.


Without Han, Chewey would be a howling dog without a master. But Han could function without his favorite walking rug. In one of R. A. Salvatore’s books, Chewbacca dies, sacrificing himself for Han and Leia’s son Anakin, and, while this is a huge blow for Han, he eventually gets over it. Should Chewey be like the droids and outlive every human? Threepio always said it was good to let the wookie win, but imagine seeing Chewey die saving younguns—that has quite the “awwwww!” factor!

Lando Calrissian

As far as we’re concerned, this smug smuggler still needs to redeem himself—his assistance in rescuing Han from Jabba was just a start. We think the odds are 50-50 that he’ll either die in battle, or take the recidivist road and start backstabbing and stealing again, leading to his demise. We wouldn’t mind if his death stood for, or signaled, the arrival of a new big baddie in the series, thus bringing Han into the fray.

So what do you think, Masterminds?

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