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The Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving Videos Ever

The Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving Videos Ever

Well, to get you in the mood for your coming holiday feast, we thought you might like to chow down on a hearty helping of epic fail, with extra sadness sauce on top. This Thanksgiving the fail video buffet is calorie free, but be careful! They may just provoke you to involuntarily face palm, so protective facial gear is recommended!

So... You Want to Be a Turkey Hunter

Hey, you ever wondered why you've never had the thought of growing up to be a turkey hunter? It's probably because of these guys. "There's crow calls, there's hot calls..." There's also your mom calling. She wanted to remind you to clean up after you make this video with your friends in the garage. Also, these guys know just a little bit too much about the intricacies of turkey droppings. But, you know what they say: Gobblerz Gon' Gobble.

The Crazy Turkey Lady

The name of this video pretty much says it all. This has a Turkey Lady in it, and she sure does go crazy. Just thank your lucky stars this isn't your mother. Oh yeah... and also, THEY DROP A TURKEY FROM AN AIRPLANE.

Scott McCreery Thanksgiving Day Parade Lip Synching Fiasco

It can't be easy to look like you're still going through puberty and to have a voice deeper than James Earl Jones. Maybe that's why American Idol winner Scotty McCreery botched his intro this bad at the 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Where's Milli Vanilli when you need them?

Did we miss any turkeys?

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