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The Worst Action Movie Scenes Ever

The Worst Action Movie Scenes Ever

Throughout the canon of "so bad it's good" entertainment, action films stand alone for their overwhelming ineptitude and off-the-charts cheese factor. So get ready for mullets, awkward fight choreography, and more unnecessary uses of bazookas than you can handle, because these truly are the worst action movie scenes of all time!

Death Promise

The only promise that's going to be fufilled here is that you are about to hear the most insane mish-mosh of fight screams ever assembled into one horrible minute long clip. It's so ridiculous in fact that we assumed it had to have been re-edited for comedic effect. Well, we checked with the original and, amazingly, it is real.

Fists of Bloody Fury

A young Jackie Chan reminds us here of why we've all forgotten about the first fifteen years of his career. Honestly though, the real star of this clip is the unfortunate bearded dude that meets his doom. It's a wonder the man didn't get an Oscar for these fifteen seconds alone.

Mega Force

We don't want to spoil the surprise of this next clip but let's just say it's probably the most egregious abuse of green screen technology ever committed on celluloid. The only thing more offensive than the fakety-fake-fake flying motorcycle? The costume that the driver is wearing.

Hard Ticket To Hawaii

If a murderous, twelve foot snake crawls out of your toilet one day, then watch this video and you'll know exactly how to handle it. In fact since watching this video we've successfully been able to kill three giant toilet snakes that invaded the MindHut office. Put simply, this video might just save your life!

What's the cheesiest action movie sequence you've ever seen?

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