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Top 5 Gigantic, Huge-mendous Wastes of Money, Ever

Top 5 Gigantic, Huge-mendous Wastes of Money, Ever

Recently, Apple paid $21 million to Swiss Rail to use a clock design (because Apple somehow doesn't have designers to create their own iconic clock face). This gargantuan waste of money got us thinking: what other gigant-o spends make the Silas Marner in all of us scream, "Arghghghg! No! No! Noooooargahrgahgrha!" (or something to that effect).

1. Color

No, not ROYGBIV. Instead, it was an overly pretentious, overly funded, overly publicized photo sharing app that, before it came out, was going to be the greatest thing since Twitter. When it came out, it failed epically. No one understood how to use it, and furthermore no one cared. Even the "re-launch" of the improved version fell flat on its face, and the start-up, led by CEO Bill Nguyen, collapsed a few months after the re-release of Color failed.

2. Total Recall (The 2012 Version, not the 1990 Version)

Whatever producer thought that a) re-doing Total Recall was a good idea, and then, b) casting Colin Farrell in a role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger was a good idea, was soon proved to be the nincompoop he or she truly was when the movie completely flopped this summer. Sigh. What a waste of perfectly good subway poster space.

3. The Hobbit Trilogy

Technically, this hasn't failed, and the first movie hasn't even been released. However, The Hobbit is a single book, probably readable in about 2 hours. Its movie predecessor, The Lord of The Rings trilogy, is based upon three books that take three times as long to read. So. We compare. Three books=three movies. One book=3 movies? What? Why? How? Mr. Peter Jackson, WHY IS THIS A TRILOGY???? He better not ruin it, or our collective childhoods will rear up and chase him to the edge of Mount Doom with the elven weapon, Sting.

4. Angry Birds Gummy... Birds. And Pigs.

Have you seen these dotting the aisles of every grocery store, convenience market, and gas station? Yes? Have you bought them? And if you were the only person TO actually buy these, did you taste them? And then spit them out? You get the point.

5. The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

We bring it back to Apple with the 20th Anniversary Macintosh computer. In the goodly yeare of eld 1997, it was a fairly up-to-date, "cool" PC. However, it was originally priced at $7,499. Unsurprisingly, no one bought them, even when the price was dropped down to $3,500, and then again to $1,995.

What do you think is the biggest huge-spend fail?

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