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What Would a Teen Comedy With Batman, Bane, and The Joker Look Like? THIS!

What Would a Teen Comedy With Batman, Bane, and The Joker Look Like? THIS!

It's no small secret that our high school years can be among our most awkward, so it's comforting to know that the same goes for all the super heroes and villains from Gotham City! Yes, in one of the most inventive mashup videos we've seen in quite awhile, Gotham High re-casts young versions of all your favorite characters from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy (and more) into a very convincing '90s style teen comedy.

Check out the video below to see the humble beginnings of everyone from Batman, The Scarecrow, Two Face, Bane, and of course The Joker. There are even cameos from beloved Batman villains that didn't make it into Nolan's films, like Mr. Freeze, The Riddler (DJ Riddler, here), and Harley Quinn. In addition to that, you'll see random celebrities galore from practically every teen flick made in the past fifteen years. We spotted Katie Holmes dancing in a parking lot decked out in leather; Philip Seymour Hoffman next to Bruce Wayne's yearbook photo; a gothed up Roony Mara; but there's a ton we probably missed. In fact, there are so many clips and they're all woven together so seamlessly we have no clue where half of them came from!

So if you've ever wondered what Bruce Wayne was like before he was old enough to drive the Batmobile, have look at this inspired trailer, and when you're finished, could you, like, totally sign our yearbook?

Did they miss any characters?

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