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Is Stephen King Too Scary For TV? Apparently Not!

Is Stephen King Too Scary For TV? Apparently Not!

If the mere utterance of the name "Stephen King" is all it takes to send you into a squealing, shrieking, fangirling state of total madness, then you, sir, are on the right blog—and assuming this report hasn't reached you yet, we're about to make your day. So put on your party pants, King fans, because after a year of languishing in development over at Showtime, Under the Dome has officially gotten the greenlight as a brand new series on CBS, where it'll debut this summer (And people said we'd never get to geek out on cinema-quality sci-fi/horror at a basic cable cost. Ha! EAT IT, PEOPLE WHO SAID THAT).

The series will be based on King's novel about (no surprise here) a small town in Maine that becomes cut off from the outside world by decidedly otherworldly forces—in which the only thing more terrifying than the impermeable dome covering the town is the way the townspeople start to behave when they find themselves cut off from society and all the ordinary rules of human engagement (Hint: some of them behave REALLY badly).

The only thing that might give fans pause: those in charge of the show have teased the possibility that while Under the Dome, the book, will serve as the inspiration for Under the Dome, the show, they're also considering a departure or several from King's novel in light of their plans for multiple seasons of the series. Which, on one hand, could be a serious blow to fans who were hoping for a loyal adaptation of the source material... but on the other hand, totally faithful adaptations of other King Things haven't always played well in visual form (we're looking at you, endless convoluted TV miniseries version of "The Stand"). And with the right tweaks, this tangled web of small-town drama mixed with a seriously wild sci-fi premise could be the next LOST. Yes? Discuss!

Have you read UNDER THE DOME? Are you excited to see it as a show?

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