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They Made a TARDIS Out of What?!

They Made a TARDIS Out of What?!

Christmas day is fast approaching, and with it, our favorite traditional holiday programming. Lots of football, to be sure. Many huddle under their sexy leg-lamps with some eggnog and indulge in an annual A Christmas Story viewing. And, as every Whovian knows, The Doctor is in on Christmas! This year’s special will feature some scary looking snowmen, and will air on BBC America at 9 PM (ET) on Christmas Day. To celebrate the merging of Time Lord and the holiday most associated with gift-giving, we compiled a list of some crazy, TARDIS shaped merch!

TARDIS Mini-Fridge

One fan of Doctor Who actually turned his refrigerator into a TARDIS, and you can go online right now and buy a mini-fridge that really isn’t bigger on the inside (it only holds a 6 pack of soda) but would still may a way cool bedroom fixture!


This slimming number would be perfect for a trip to Comic-Con with friends, or a geek-centric theme party. It’s also reasonably priced at under $30!

Heat-changing mug

We bet the Doctor would love to take his tea in one of these! Adding a hot beverage of your choice will make the TARDIS disappear from one side of your mug, and reappear on the other side in outer space! You can’t toss it in the dishwasher, but at under $15, these mugs would make a great gift for any fan of The Doc.


Complete with flashing lights and 8 motion-activated sound effects, this TARDIS actually levitates! For serious! All you need to get it up and running are 3 AAA batteries and some free time!

Talking cookie jar

OK, so it doesn’t actually talk. But it makes cool TARDIS sounds and stores one of the most delicious foods ever created. If only it were truly bigger on the inside and could house an infinite number of cookies!

Cat condo

This TARDIS cat tree isn’t sold commercially online, but we thought it was worth including simply because of the creativity involved. Check out the interior of that thing—we’ve seen studio apartments with less room! If you have feline friends and love you some Doctor, this kitty condo is certain to impress!

TARDIS door decal

Turn the door of your choice into your very own TARDIS by applying this decal. They require some assembly, and you have to actually paint your door blue, but the end result looks like a scary-real TARDIS! Your parents might object to a sonic blue door with the words “Police Box” on it, but if they don’t, you really should get busy.

Engagement ring

This is another TARDIS item that isn’t mass produced, but has an “Awwww!” factor that warrants its inclusion. There are plenty of Lady Whovians out there who would love to spend the rest of space and time with the lad who presented them with this beautiful piece of jewelry! And forget about the rock, gentlemen. It’s all about the presentation!

Projection alarm clock

An alarm clock shaped like a TARDIS that projects the Doctor Who logo and time of day on your wall?! Yes, please! When it’s time to wake up, the sounds of the TARDIS alerts you. We can't think of a better way to wake up!

Smart safe

Compatible with most iPhones and Androids, this awesome gadget houses your valuables in a TARDIS (although it’s a small TARDIS, measuring under a foot tall). You program the safe to open with a code only your smartphone possesses, so it only opens when you set your phone in its dock.

What are your favorite TARDIS items?

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