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Benedict Cumberbatch Is In the New Star Trek Trailer!

Benedict Cumberbatch Is In the New Star Trek Trailer!

Okay, before everyone gets too excited, jumping up and down, hitting your head on something sharp, then taken to the emergency room for "excitement endured" stitches... the teaser's only about a minute long. But that's something, right!? We finally get to see a tiny little peak at what the crew of the Enterprise has been up to for the past several captain's logs. Let's take a look together, yes?

- Okay, so it still takes place in the future. Good start.


- Am I wrong in thinking that it looks like a lot of this takes place on Earth? Are they not boldly going where no one has gone before?

- Okay… so not only on earth, but in the ocean?

- …And in a volcano?

- According to this preview, this movie is going to be 40% hanging out on Earth, and 60% people screaming.

- Somebody drove the Enterprise into a lake!

- About the title: is it Star Trek Into Darkness like “We will star TREK into darkness,” or is it more like “Star Trek, Into Darkness?” Discuss.

So, obvs we're super stoked that a) there's a new Star Trek just beyond the horizon and b) that Benedict is playing the baddy in it. But we have NO CLUE what is going on here! Whatever it is, it looks catastrophic. We can't wait!

What do you think the new Star Trek movie is going to be about?

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