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Which Fictional Movie President Are You?

Which Fictional Movie President Are You?

Hey Masterminds! We've got a Presidential sized quiz for you. Ever wondered which fictional movie president you are? Are you calm under pressure? Do you favor jeans over ties? Would you take down anyone who tried to get in your way? You can find out right now!

1. Your current #1 concern as President:

A) People finding out you're a stand-in for the real president
B) Terrorists
C) Impending alien invasion
D) Your name was mistakenly recorded in official records as "Not Sure"
E) A deadly comet hurtling toward earth

2. What's your Presidential Style?

A) Glasses
B) A pocket full of whoop ass
C) Suit and tie
D) Shorts and sneakers
E) Plaid shirt and jeans

3. Your normal temperament is:

A) Amiable
B) Cool, calm and collected
C) Take charge
D) Asleep at the wheel
E) Pragmatic

4. Which of the following sounds like something you would say?

A) "I'm the President, and as they say, the buck stops here."
C) "Let's nuke the bastards!"
D) "Man, I could really go for a Starbucks, y'know?"
E) "Life will go on, we will prevail."

5. Your biggest asset

A) You're good at pretending to be someone else
B) Your smile—no one can read you
C) You're a former fighter pilot
D) Nothing phases you
E) Calm under pressure

6. Your first name is:

A) Bill (not really)
B) James
C) Thomas
D) Joe
E) Tom


Mostly A's: You are Dave Kovic AKA President Bill Mitchell in Dave (1993). You're great at pretending to look like someone else.  A very important someone else!

Mostly B's: You are President James Marshall in Air Force One (1997). No one stays on your plane without your say so!

Mostly C's: You are President Thomas J. Whitmore in Independence Day (1996). You still know how to fly a plane, and that could be the difference between Earth's invasion or total alien annihilation!

Mostly D's: You are President Joe Bowers in Idiocracy (2006). You're the first person to become President for being "the smartest man alive".

Mostly E's: You are President Tom Beck in Deep Impact (1996). Your pragmatic leadership helps the world during the Extinction Level Event crisis.

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