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Jaden Smith Out-Stunts His Dad in the After Earth Trailer

Jaden Smith Out-Stunts His Dad in the After Earth Trailer

What is Jaden Smith known for, if not being a pint-sized version of his butt-kicking, wise cracking dad. Now we finally get what we've been waiting for since Jaden started his acting career only a handful of years ago: a screen duet with daddy dearest in the upcoming, post-apocalyptic thriller After Earth! Why, it's almost like Will is handing over the reigns of the family business to 'lil J right in front of our eyes. So beautiful...


Here's the trailer to watch while we try to pull ourselves together over here:

What did WE think of it you ask? How kind of you to ask:

- Jaden had to be sedated and breath only pure oxygen after he found out how much money he'd be making for this movie.
- We are suckers for the whole "space ship loses its gravity device" thing. Loved it in Star Trek, love it here!
- Okay... so, for some reason the only embeddable (it's a word) version we could find had French subtitles. Which we think adds to the artistry of the trailer, non?
- In the future, everyone will dress like superheroes.
- This class 1 quarantined planet looks an awful lot like Earth.
- Will Smith's accent is confusing me... is he just doing this for the French subtitled version of the trailer?
- Retractable double-sided bamboo blade thingy!? WANT!
- "Do you know wheh we ah?" Seriously... what accent is that? Outer space?
- Ah-HA! SPOILER! I was right!

This looks CRAZY! And with M. Night Shyamalan as the director/co-writer, expect a ton of plot twists and turns that you never saw coming.

Seriously though, you guys, we think it is so sweet that Will is doing this with his son. We remember when Jaden was just a twinkle in The Fresh Prince's eyes...

We promised ourselves we wouldn't cry! Talk amongst yourselves...

How psyched are you to see After Earth?

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