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Oblivion Trailer Gets All Dystopian Up In Here

Oblivion Trailer Gets All Dystopian Up In Here


It's been a long time since we've seen Tom Cruise do the futuristic thing. All the way back to Minority Report. But now he's back to his future, Earth saving self in what looks like a REALLY expensive movie about white spaceships that fall from the sky. Actually it's probably not exclusively about white space ships that fall from the sky. You know what... why don't we watch the trailer together:

Oh my. Here are some of our thoughts.

- We'll be honest. If it were us, it wouldn't be the loss of the Superbowl we'd be lamenting. It'd be Twinkies (single tear).
- Wait... does he know the Yankees aren't a football team?
- Giant floating cities, check. Giant guns, check. Tiny plant that represents the last vestige of a humanity that is long forgotten, check.
- We love Jack's space ship, but for some reason it's really making us want to play paddleball.
- Don't you know you NEVER go into a post-apolcalyptic theatre with multiple chandeliers?! That's, like, Dystopian Fieldwork 101!
- Morgan Freeman finally gets to act out his Matrix fantasy.
- Also, where did he get that cigar? The evil aliens weren't smokers, apparently.
- And now the obligatory 15-20 seconds of confusing action that will make no sense until we see the movie.
- Everyone knows your name! You're Tom Cruise!

Okay. We're totally, completely sold! We're suckers for a "mysterious, Earth destroying entity" movie. And it looks like there's a good dose of government conspiracy, as well. This is sure to be a crazy pants, action packed thrill ride with tons of twists and turns. And, most importantly, lots and lots of explosions.

What did you think of the trailer?

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