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Superman Has Some Issues In the Man of Steel Trailer

Superman Has Some Issues In the Man of Steel Trailer

Warner Brothers

It's finally here! The real actual for realsies Man of Steel trailer! Not just a one minute clip of voice over with some random shots of sunsets and an upset Clark Kent! So do you want to watch it!? Yeah! Me too!

Here's what we thought:

- Oh, man. Clark with a beard? Even Superman's a hipster now!
- Whew. There's a lot of talking. I sure hope there's some explode-yness here soon.
- Come on, Kevin Costner. Don't be too hard on him!
- Wait a sec, Kevin Costner. Are you advocating murder? Or, in this case, super-murder?
- "Next Summer"... Is that how long I have to wait until I see some action in this trailer?
- Okay... here we go... fist to the ground... FINALLY!
- 'Splosions. Space ships. Cowering humans. Now we're talking!
- Zod! Kneel before Zod!
- Do you think when Superman's in handcuffs he's like "Aw, these humans are so cute... I guess I'll go along with it for now."
- Guys. Seriously. You're going to shoot Superman? Have you not seen ANY of the other movies?

So there you have it. A gigantic peek into the grimmer and grittier world that Superman will be living in next summer. Can you hardly wait?! We can't!

What do you think about Superman's new look?

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