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These Sock Puppets Are Creepily Cute!

Marty Allen


For any Masterminds out there doubting their own creativity, take a lesson from Marty Allen. Marty has not only embraced his inner nerdiness, he's made an inspiring career out of it. He sells ingenious sock puppet portraits on his site and on the streets of New York (if you're in town, check out his booth at the Union Square Holiday Market). Each puppet has its own elaborate backstory, like Uncle Monsterface or Spot the Elusive Dinosaur, and some are even real life historical figures, such as Charles Darwin and Amelia Earheart!

Tags: horror, sci fi, toys, joss whedon, puppets, life, cthulhu

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Becky Ferreira

Becky Ferreira is a writer, performer, and raptor based in New York.

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