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2013 Is Going to Be Another Superhero Year

2013 Is Going to Be Another Superhero Year

By Scott Greenstone

It's hard to think of any year more superhero-heavy than 2012 with The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers. This might be hard to believe, but this next year is going to be even more packed with tights than 2012. Take a gander at these upcoming flicks:

1. Iron Man 3 (3 May)

Robert Downey Jr. returns in a sequel to a movie whose quality people still argue about. Will Iron Man 3 be disappointing, or will it return the franchise to the glory of the first film?

Hero: Iron Man, with a new suit that attacks his girlfriend in bed.

Villain: The Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley), mad scientist Aldritch Killian (Guy Pearce)—maybe—and Iron Patriot/Coldblood-7 Eric Savin (James Badge Dale)—maybe. We're really not sure who are bad guys and good guys yet.

2. Man of Steel (14 June)

In this much-anticipated reboot, Henry Cavill is expected to take Superman to a deeper level than ever explored, and it seems to fit Superman about as well as that skin-tight suit (which, in a historic decision, has no red underwear on the outside).

Hero: Superman (Henry Cavill), as a kid and as an adult.

Villain: General Zod (Michael Shannon), who probably won't look like a gay goth in this movie.

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3. The Wolverine (26 July)

The only information Hollywood has breathed so far of this film is a woodblock-like poster of Wolverine. And it seems they think they can add a "the" to a superhero movie and make it a sequel. I bet soon we'll see a rash of "The Batman," "The Iron Man," "The Thor" and "The The Amazing Spider-Man" (just a guess).

Hero: Wolverine, played again by Hugh Jackman, who goes to Japan to train with a samurai because being able to slice through anything and heal from everything short of a nuclear explosion isn't enough power, see?

Villain: Only rumored. Viper, perhaps, or Jean Grey as the Phoenix?

4. Thor: The Dark World (8 November)

Chris Hemsworth returns as the Most Powerful Person With A Beard in the Universe to fight an evil race of dark elves. We're hoping this movie has a little more meat to it than that, but so far other than a blank poster and a few pictures of Chris Hemsworth throwing somebody, there's been no info.

Hero: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who will probably reunite with his true love whose name no one remembers but she's smart (played by Natalie Portman).

Villain: Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), king of the dark elves.

Is America too into superheroes or is this cause to rejoice?

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