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They're Redesigning the TARDIS, You Guys!

They're Redesigning the TARDIS, You Guys!

Steven Moffat is giving fans not one, but two presents this season in the Christmas special. The first is giving The Doctor a New Companion. The second? The TARDIS is getting a makeover!


This is kind of like getting a Christmas present from your weird aunt with all the cats: It could be bad. Like Santa Claus appliqué sweater bad. Or... you know what. It could be awesome. Why are we being so negative?!

Doctor Who look changes don't happen every season, but when they do, they can be doozies. Here are, for better or for worse, the Top 5 Doctor Who Makeovers of All Time.

1.  The redesign of the Daleks for The Victory of the Daleks—they got colors!

Originally, the Daleks, Doctor Who's arch enemies, were not in color. For the episode The Victory of the Daleks (penned by Mark Gatiss), the Daleks were given colors according to their function. The form of the Dalek outer shell was also made sleeker. Not everyone loved this controversial move (though children did—do we smell marketing ploy?). In our humble opinions, no paint change could make the Daleks look any less like salt and pepper shakers with plungers on their heads. Still, giving Daleks differentiation when they are all about the status quo seems a little bit of a veer. Conversely, in the context of the episode, it worked. Given the fact they were trying to rebuild their race by whatever means possible, they had to get creative. Even the purist of perfectionists become flexible when it comes to survival.

2. The Sonic Screwdriver Change from the 9th/10th Doctor to the 11th

With Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant, it was sleek, silver, and blue. Matt Smith comes on the scene with his bowties and fezes and other head apparel, and suddenly the screwdriver gets a new look. It's all bells and whistles, with side pop-ups, copper casing, and a green light! Green! It's certainly fancier, but does fancier mean better? All we're sure of is it's probably more fun to play with as a prop.

3. Opening Credits Darkened After Moffat Took Over as Show Runner

Remember when the opening credits of Doctor Who seemed like an adventure ride: slightly scary, but you knew you'd come out the other side all right in the end? Then Steven Moffat took over the show, and the opening credits got darker, stormier, with ominous undertones to the theme music, and the sense that the universe is a scary place to be. That fits Moffat's writing to a tee. But does it fit the show? Here's hoping the British kiddies aren't given nightmares by the far more creeptastic "woo woo wooooo" these days.

4. The Exterior Tardis Redesign for the 11th Doctor

Honestly, there wasn't much of a change. It was still blue. It was still a police box. It just looked a little less beat-up. Yay new paint!

5. The Interior Redesign from the Original Series to the Reboot

The old Doctor Who Tardis interior was pretty 60s. Silver, with Dots that looked suspiciously like Dalek buttons adorning its walls, the main console looked pretty much like what a 1980s computer would come to be. Switch over the reboot sets, and suddenly: Color! Wires! Catwalks! Lots of things that Glow! A very confusing Console that has weird things used to steer! The only major thing that remained the same was the Console placement in the center of the room. It was the makeover of the century: fun, zany, and beautiful in its own way. a.k.a everything The Doctor is.

Do you think the TARDIS needs a makeover?

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