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The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Places to Vacation In The Solar System

The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Places to Vacation In The Solar System

Since the space privitization race has started, various companies are competing to see who will have the edge. Recently, company Golden Spike announced vacation trips to the moon—at the cost of over $1 billion a pop. Most of us don't have that kind of cash readily available, it got us thinking: if space eventually becomes the destination du jour when on break from school or work, what would be the most awesome places to vacation in our solar system? And what would be the worst?

5 Best Vacation Spots In The Solar System

1. Pluto

True, it's not a planet anymore. Also true it's tiny and it takes over 90 thousand days to orbit the sun (translation: very, very cold). But, for all of those who have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, everyone knows that Restaurants at the End of well, anything are definitely popular spots. If there can be a Restaurant at the End of the Universe, why not one at the End of our Solar System? Bonus points if somehow time vortexes have been invented, and one can actually WATCH the end of the solar system while AT the end of it, slurping on a delicious stew of Martian meat.

2. Mars

Because we are positive that there ARE Martians. Somewhere. Also, we read recently read Red Planet, and are kind of obsessed with Mars now.

3. Halley's Comet

Granted, it's not exactly, er, habitable... but talk about the ride of a lifetime! Screw the Superman Coaster at Six Flags, or the Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal Studios. We're pretty certain that Halley's Comet would be the ultimate thrill: especially if you were riding on the TAIL end (score one for space puns).

4.  The Asteroid Belt

You know how some super rich movie stars have their own private islands (Johnny Depp, we're looking at you)? Well, we imagine that once space travel is well established, the rich will be snapping up these orbiting space rocks, literally creating out of this world escapes and resorts. Can you imagine vacationing in a penthouse, with a view of Jupiter? Intense.

5. The Moon

It's what inspired this post, and it's making the list. Why? Because who hasn't dreamt of living on the moon? Or chasing down the man in the moon? Or seeing if that flag really is up there, and the entire moon landing thing wasn't some big government conspiracy that was filmed on a soundstage? Plus, we like to imagine that moon living would be similar to Pixar's short film La Luna. We can just imagine ourselves with a little newsboy cap set jauntily on our heads, sweeping up stars. Ah. La dolce vita, eh?

5 Worst Vacation Spots In The Solar System

1. Jupiter

Sure, it's the biggest planet, but let's be quite clear: Jupiter. Is. Death. Poison gases, crippling gravity, storms, storms, storms. It's atmosphere basically beats anything Dante's Inferno could dream up. Stay far, far away.

2.  Venus

Was anyone else scarred forever by Ray Bradbury's short story, "All Summer In A Day?" If kids living on Venus turn that cruel, then no thank YOU. There's a reason she's considered Earth's Evil Twin. We'll pass on this 2nd planet from the sun.

3. The Sun

For obvious reasons.

4.  Saturn

Saturn is not perfectly round, isn't that weird? Which means, maybe you COULD walk off the edge of that planet. Which means that anyone who has ever feared walking off the end of a world and tumbling into the blackness of space would have their nightmare come true. Basically, it's a planet that needs a kiddie gate—and that does not spell vacation to us.

5. Uranus

Hehehehe (sorry, had to take a moment for immaturity). In all seriousness, Uranus hehehehe....hold on, we'll get it. Uranus spins on it's side hehehehe. Sorry, it was the visual! One more time. Uranu--hehehehe. Ok. We give up. Let's just say that if a planet's name makes us dissolve into giggles, we can't imagine marketing it as a destination spot would be a success.

Which planet would you want to visit?

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