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10 Ways to Deal With Terrible Christmas Gifts

10 Ways to Deal With Terrible Christmas Gifts

Well, Masterminds, it’s time to take down the tree and the lights, cause the holiday season is officially over. It’s also time to rummage through the good, bad, and the "say what?!" of your presents and gifts. Got two gift cards from Crate and Barrel, but don't have a need for crates nor barrels? Have an aunt that can never remember your shirt size? Fear not. We have several helpful and appropriately geeky suggestions of stuff to get when you return the stuff you don't want!

1. Evolution of video game controllers poster

This $30 poster is a nod to EVERY gaming system ever, from Pong to Atari to Wii—it’s a history lesson, if you really wanna think about it! Perfect nerd décor.

2. Star Wars cookie cutters

This set of four cookie cutters has Chewbacca, R2, C3PO, and a Jawa, and aren’t exclusively for Christmas cookies—you can celebrate your love for Jawas year round!

3. Bazinga slippers

Sheldon Cooper would definitely approve of this particular footwear selection!

4. The Wesley Crushers bowling shirt

Normally, we’re not that heavy on Big Bang Theory merch. Unless it involves one Wil Wheeeaaattooonnn! This is a must have for Wheaton-heads everywhere!

5. Tardis Watch/necklace

Be a time lord for real with this very pretty double faced watch: one face tells real/local time, and the other is set to Gallifrayen time!

6. iPhone video rig

You can turn your iPhone into a film shoot instantly with this kit that includes a boom mic, a wide-angle lens, and tripod sockets!

7. Magic Wand remote control

Yes, it’s pricey. But it really makes changing channels feel like magic! Adjust the volume, change the channels, dazzle your compatriots and fellow wizards—all while waving a wand!

8. The Walking Dead Compendiums, Vols. 1 & 2

While the show is on its winter hiatus, why not read the comics on which it’s based? You will see favorites like Michonne and Glenn in a new light, and there’s a fiscal bonus here: buying the compendiums is WAY cheaper than buying the comics individually!

9. Be Charitable!

If you have extra cash from returned goods, and you’re feeling like helping those who can’t help themselves, why not donate to or adopt a critter from the Humane society? You could always celebrate your geekiness by naming your new feline Katniss or your new pooch Starbuck!

10. Gift Card Conundrums

If you received a ton of ducats in plastic form, you could either a): Throw every gift card dollar towards the ultimate geek’s gaming station: the limited edition Star Wars XBox. Or, if you received gift cards from places you’ve never even heard of, you could choose option b): cash them in at a place like Plastic jungle. Either way, it’s better than letting them expire!

What was the worst gift you got this year?

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