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Top 5 Made Up Languages from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Top 5 Made Up Languages from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Nothing is more fun than geeking out over a series so much you bother to learn the made-up languages that the characters speak. Here's a collection of five of our very favorites along with some suggestions on how to put them to good use.

5)  Old Tongue (Wheel of Time)
Listen, we're not gonna get on Robert Jordan's case now that he can't defend himself, but we're just saying, maybe if he'd spent a little less time making up languages and a little more time writing books, he would've finished that series in his lifetime.
Best for: battle cries, epitaphs, history books, excruciatingly long fantasy series
Useful Phrase: Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin. (The grave is no bar to my call.)

4) Huttese (Star Wars)
Found spoken in dens of scum and villainy throughout the galaxy, this language is used by humanoids and aliens alike, but nobody knows how to put the right amount of stank on it quite like Jabba. It's also worth noting that undercover bounty hunter Princess Leia is able to drop Huttese like a pro, but hard-core Jedi Luke keeps it Basic. (Foreign languages are part of any good princess’s upbringing.)
Best for: Shady deals, secret plans, smuggling manifests, making fun of overweight pets
Useful Phrase: Cheesba hataw yuna puna? (Can I upgrade to first class?)

3) Dothraki (Game of Thrones)
Odds are pretty good if you hear someone speaking Dothraki, you're having a pretty bad day. There don't seem to be a lot of words in this language for hugs and butterflies.
Best for: eulogies, stirring speeches, threats, complimenting horses
Useful Phrase: Anha zalak asshekhqoyi vezhvena yeraan! (I wish you a happy birthday. literally "great day of blood")
Honorable mention goes to Chakobsa from Dune since the Fremen and the Dothraki are basically the same group (Desert people who are joined by a foreigner who marries into the tribe and with the power of his/her special kind of magic then takes on leadership in order to bring the tribe back to the outsider’s people to reclaim rightful rulership—big difference is that Dothraki ride horses and Fremen ride sandworms).

Klingon (Star Trek)
A lot of geeks love made up languages, but the ones who love Klingon do not mess around. From Shakespeare to wedding vows Klingon has got a hold in our society (which should honestly concern us since Federation history tells us that they are going to be our enemies for a long time before they become our friends).
Best for: insults, drinking songs, arguments, wedding proposals
Useful Phrase: Hab sosli' quch. (Your mother has a smooth forehead.)

1) Sindarin & Quenya (Middle Earth)
What else was going to be at the top of this list if not Elvish? J.R.R. Tolkien was the master of the invented language, and there is little doubt that even if he hadn't written the books that he did, he still would have been obsessed with making up new languages.
Best for: love poems, songs, soulful tales of days gone by, looking like a romantic genius to a date who loves LotR, looking like an incredible geek to one who doesn’t
Useful Phrase: Gellon ned i galar i chent gîn ned i gladhog (I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh.)

What other sci-fi and fantasy languages did we forget? Have you ever made up a language of your own?

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