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7 Geeky New Shows We're Totally Psyched About

7 Geeky New Shows We're Totally Psyched About

Fear not, Masterminds! The Carrie Diaries isn’t the only new show premiering this midseason. There's plenty of new and awesome nerdy TV content coming your way (aside from the return of Community’s final 13 episodes return starting February 7th which we have been holding our breath for since last spring)! We’ve assembled a list of the shows set to premiere in the coming months that’ll be sure to tickle your geeky bone :

Spies of Warsaw (February 6, 9PM BBCA)

This mini-series marks David Tennant’s return to BBC America, which is the primary reason we’re tuning in. If you’re not over the moon about Mr. Tennant like us, this pre-WWII tale of espionage still might intrigue, cuz it looks plumb laden with fun historical facts and intelligent narratives.

Defiance (April 2013 on Syfy)

The network that regularly features gems like Warehouse 13 and Eureka, has a few upcoming shows that intrigue us. This one features aliens trying to coexist with humans after being forced to come to Earth when their own solar system was destroyed. The aliens, called Votans, were initially unwelcomed here, so they started a war with Earth’s inhabitants, drastically altering the landscape and people. This show follows a lawman trying to keep the peace after the war.

Continuum (already aired in UK and Canada; U.S. premiere is slated for January 14 at 8PM on Syfy)

The premise is promising: a cop from the future (Rachel Nichols) is inadvertently thrown back in time to present day with a group of terrorists planning future destruction. She teams up with a techie geek to stop them. It looks/sounds part Chuck, part Terminator, and part Timecop, so we’ll at least tune in for the premiere!

American Gods (2013 tentative release, HBO)

It has been reported that HBO is planning on giving Neil Gaiman’s classic novel around 6 seasons (of 10-12 episodes each) and season one of this adaptation is slated to begin later this year! We are beyond the moon about this because a) Neil Gaiman wrote the pilot, and b) HBO nailed the crap outta Game of Thrones, so it has some serious fantasy cred now. While the release date hasn’t been released yet, this is one show we’re watching out for!

Ripper Street (January 19, 9PM BBCA)

Set in 1889 London, this show stars Bronn from Game of Thrones (Jerome Flynn) as one of a trio of cops perplexed by a new serial killer called Jack the Ripper. It looks dark, but BBC has a history of churning out dead-on genre-specific pieces. This could be a wild ride. Plus, Bronn is bomb!

Broad City (scheduled for spring, 2013 on Comedy Central)

Amy Poehler produces this half-hour comedy that graduates from web series to legit TV show. Broad City follows two hilarious girls living on their own in NYC, and follows them as they make light of everyday happenings. Think HBO’s Girls, the PG-13 version.

The Following (January 21, 9PM Fox)

This sure-to-be-spooky series stars Kevin Bacon and X Men’s Shawn Ashmore, and looks like the most promising of the new network dramas. The plot centers on and around a loony toon serial killer who has a cult of worshippers ready to carry out his dirty work (and we don’t mean laundry). Bacon plays the cop who tries to bring this ring of crazies down.

Which new shows are you most looking forward to?

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