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"Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman" Video Will Make You Argue With Your Computer

"Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman" Video Will Make You Argue With Your Computer

The Cinema Sins YouTube channel has only been active for about a month, and they’ve only posted three videos so far, but they're already generating a fair bit of buzz throughout the blogosphere (Is that still a thing?) for their fast-paced and snarky breakdowns of everything wrong in superhero movies. The idea isn't really that new; it's what geeks do with their friends all the time anyway—a combination of "why didn't Gandalf just take everybody to Mordor (or the Lonely Mountain) on giant eagles?" and sharp-eyed documentation of all the little filmmaking errors that you might miss on a casual viewing. The thing that makes Cinema Sins so fun is that they are wrong—not all the time, but enough that by the end of a video, most viewers find themselves arguing with their browser window. It's pure, uncut nerd-rage-bait!

Take their first video, for example: Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman In 2 Minutes Or Less. It’s a 2 1/2 minute long rapid-fire listing of 53 movie sins (It's pretty much pure spoilers, and for that matter, so is everything we’re about to say. If you haven't seen Amazing Spiderman at this point, you probably aren't planning to, but be forewarned, SPOILERS AHEAD):

Some of the things they point out are really legitimate and funny, like the fact that the funeral-goers have all prearranged to carry black umbrellas, or that The Lizard seems to have, "custom-built presentation software created solely to provide crucial plot details." Other observations, like, “high School student has a Rear Window poster,” and the number of times that Peter Parker has his mask off in front of someone, don't seem like sins or mistakes, just plot decisions. Also, the video cites “nonexistent full-color floor-to-ceiling hologram technology” as a problem but doesn't mention nonexistent technology where humans become hybridized with animals resulting in superpowers!

Do you see? Do you see what these videos do to us? Now we’re arguing with our computers! They're fun videos, and they're worth your time to check out (due in no small part to how short they are), but be prepared, it's like inviting an Internet troll into your home—it's interesting, but you're going to end up arguing.

What other movies would you like to see get the Cinema Sins treatment?

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