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Top 4 Best LEGO Videos Ever!

Top 4 Best LEGO Videos Ever!

Forget the LEGOs of your youth. Just get those out of your head! LEGO isn't just bricks and buildings anymore! There are Hobbit sets, Star Wars, superheroes (Marvel and DC), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and lots more.

And even if there isn't a dedicated set, it's almost certain there's a fan-created LEGO video for any geek-friendly topic you can think of. And just in case you're ready to contest these LEGO sets' existence, there's video proof! Here are our picks for the five coolest LEGO videos. Check 'em out, and share any other cool ones you find in the comments! And, of course, if you were lucky enough to get your own LEGO set for the holidays, we expect to see your awesome video online in time to make our list next year!

1. LEGO Doctor Who: New Beginnings.  An epic, eight-minute journey into the world of Doctor Who that will make you wonder why you haven't been playing with LEGOs all year. An endless LEGO landscape, special effects, lighting... this video is more polished than half of what ends up in movie theaters. Very impressive.

2. LEGO Sci-Fi Video

As the title of this one says, "This movie will save you 1 hour and 55 minutes." It's every science fiction movie you've ever seen, condensed down to two minutes and made with LEGOs. Simple, but masterfully done.

3. LEGO Star Wars: Death Star Shenanigans

From all the way back in 2008, but it definitely stands the test of time (and has almost a million and a half views to prove it). Princess LEGO... er, Princess Leia... is captured and Luke must infiltrate the elaborately-constructed LEGO Death Star to save her. A soundtrack, sound effects, and quite possibly a million LEGO bricks involved in this very, very watchable six-minute film.

4. LEGO Superman

Pretty simple, but the breaking glass at 0:47 sold it for me. Superman goes up against five nemeses, withstands a storm of bullets, and beats up the bad guys. High on action, low on LEGOs, but it's a minute and a half of pure fun.

BONUS: A fourteen-minute instructional video about how to build a LEGO Tardis. It looks so easy... yet it takes so long!

Hopefully these videos will inspire you to dig your LEGO set out from the bottom of your closet and start putting together a LEGO movie of your own!

What would be your ultimate LEGO project to build?

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