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5 Lessons Super Mario Teaches Us About Life

5 Lessons Super Mario Teaches Us About Life

Kids have been making the argument that video games are "good for you" because they develop good hand/eye coordination since the days of the arcade. But surely there's a better argument to be made than that! We think that there are actually really important lessons to be learned from some of our most beloved video games. Take Super Mario Brothers, for example. We have divined the following 5 life lessons from this classic game:

1) Jump high to hit the prize

The most desirable flowers seldom grow at ground-level. They stand proudly on mighty, floating bricks. You'll have to try that much harder to get it, and jump higher than your peers.

2) Work with what you know, for fortune hides in unexpected places

You might have to go underground to find what you seek. Use the skills available to you to excel. Every occupation—even plumbing—can be applied in ways you never imagined, and will take you places you didn't anticipate.

3) When life gives you shells, throw them back

Feeling knocked down by every obstacle? Yoshi eats red turtle shells and spits fire. Work from his example, and learn how to turn every setback into an opportunity. Maintain friendships with people who have unique skills you're interested in developing. And get a set of wheels.

4) Short-cuts come at the cost of the journey

Life's Warp Whistles offer a fast-track route through challenges. Don't deny yourself the opportunity to exercise your work ethic and build a sense of motivation. You should face adversity, and grow stronger for having conquered it.

5) Never turn your back on a ghost

Unless you're running at top-speed. Seriously, those guys fly through walls.

What life lessons have you gleaned from video games?

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