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Top 5 Movie Trailer Mash-Ups

Top 5 Movie Trailer Mash-Ups

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the glory of a movie trailer mashup, the genre consists of audio from one theatrical trailer matched with video from another (totally different) film. The result is beautiful, confusing, and addictively distracting all at the same time. We have put together our 5 absolute favorite movie trailer mashups for your viewing pleasure!

My Little Pony Wars

We will begin with a prime example of two movies that should never EVER work together… and yet somehow they so wonderfully do: Star Wars and My Little Pony.

Blood Labyrinth

In 1986, Jennifer Conley costarred alongside cultural heartthrob David Bowie in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Thirty years later, Conley acted with professional pretty boy Leonardo DeCaprio in Edward Zwick’s Blood Diamond.

In both movies, Conley’s character finds herself in unfamiliar territory battling against a cruel and greedy tyrant who divides families while obsessing over a powerful stone.

Really, the main difference between the movies is that one has singing puppets and the other gives me significantly less nightmares.

Toy Story Inception

Parentheses are like grammatical ((in)ceptions).

That sentence is fun but doesn’t really fit into this article. Sort of like how Toy Story is fun but doesn’t really fit at all with the movie Inception. Yet somebody made the trailer anyways and it is glorious and you will watch it now.

The Pony Games

For some reason, movies just seem more epic when acted out by ponies. We only chose two MLP mashups for this list but, in actuality, there are hundreds more in the wonderful and mysterious caverns of YouTube.

Who ever knew that the childish animals could be such versatile actors?

The Lion King Rises

A deformed villain exiles a local influencer before emerging from his lair and leading a violent regime in claiming power over the land! Resisters are imprisoned and hope is spread thin until the influencer, who was assumed dead by many, makes his heroic return and saves the day.

This basic plot can describe either The Dark Knight Rises or The Lion King. To add more comparison, there isn’t much difference between a grown Simba’s roar and Christian Bale’s Batman voice.

What movie trailers do you want to see made into a mash-up?

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