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The Top 5 Sci Fi Films of 2012

The Top 5 Sci Fi Films of 2012

Well, 2012 came and went, and fortunately without planet Nibiru colliding with Earth, as conspiracy theorists who watch way too many sci fi movies inaccurately predicted! Well, at Mindhut we may not be huge fans of crazy conspiracy theories, but we love a good sci fi flick, so we thought we'd recap our favorites that hit theaters in 2012!

5. Lockout

This ridiculously over the top movie flew under the radar last year, and it's a shame, because as far as mindless action thrills go, this movie takes the cake. Guy Pierce stars as a framed government operative in the distant future who's sent to a space prison where he gains a second chance for freedom, if he can only save the president's daughter from an insurrection staged by the violent inmates. It's nothing deep, nor does it aspire to be, and it's got pretty much every thrill we've come to love in pulpy sci-fi, plus it's got outer space base-jumping!

4. Prometheus

Ok, so this film definitely turned off a fair share of movie goers with its cryptic storyline and hard to follow plot points, but it has its champions, and for good reason. The ambitious film was undeniably gorgeous to watch and featured a dynamite cast. As an unofficial sequel to the Alien films, Prometheus breathed new life into a beloved franchise that had seriously lost its way. Say what you will, but after seeing Alien vs. Predator Two, we guarantee you'll think Prometheus is Citizen Kane by comparison! Also, with Ridley Scott (the original director of Alien) back at the helm, it was undeniably one of the biggest on screen events of the year.

3. Chronicle

Chronicle wasn't just one of the most entertaining films of 2012, it was also an amazing debut for director Josh Trank and writer Max Landis. This story of ordinary teens gaining super powers and then emotionally spiraling out of control with those new found powers had an unexpected depth. Also surprising was its ability to breathe new life into a convention that had been growing stale, the old "found footage" film. After years of increasingly unoriginal found footage films (anyone see The Devil Inside? Don't!), this film showed the genre has more to offer, and it all added up to the most unconventional teen movie of the year.

2. Dredd

Dredd is hands down the most overlooked film of the year. This hyper-violent yet beautifully filmed sci fi thriller was just one dazzling action sequence after another, and Aussie actor Karl Urban gives the performance of his career, in spite of the fact that his eyes are obscured by his helmet the entire freaking time! There's so much to recommend here. It has possibly the most fearsome female villain ever captured on film, insane laser gun battles that rival anything in Star Wars and possibly the most effective use of 3D in any film ever made. Yes, with Dredd, the storyline actually justifies its use of 3D, and so the convention actually enhances the film rather than serves as a distraction. Unfortunately it flopped at the box office, but earned mostly rave reviews, and fans are hoping that it gains a cult like status in the coming years, because once you see it, you'll probably believe like we do that there HAS to be a sequel!

1. Looper

If you missed out on the ridiculously inventive Looper, get thee to NetFlix immediately! This Jospeph Gordon Levitt starring movie is one of those few brainy sci fi flicks that has a heart as big as its thrills. The tale is of a group of elite time traveling hit men known as Loopers that are contractually obligated to kill off future versions of themselves. Bruce Willis, the aged version of Levitt, fights back. It's a mind bending film that takes the best elements of beloved sci fi (everything from Blade Runner to Inception to be found here), and weaves it into a distinctive experience of its own. Looper isn't just the best sci fi of the year, it's also contender for the best sci fi film of the decade!

What was your fave sci fi movie of 2012?

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