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Top 5 Grossest Restaurant Innovations Ever!

Top 5 Grossest Restaurant Innovations Ever!

A Brazilian fast food chain named Bob's Burgers recently introduced edible packaging on their hamburgers (get ready to be horrified). That's right—a wrapper you can actually eat—you know, for when you're too lazy to unwrap your food. Or for when you don't actually want to see what you're eating.  Or, as one astute YouTube commenter writes, "i thought that the paper was there to [protect] the sandwich and keep it clean. so now we will need another paper to cover the edible paper?"

What's grosser than that? We thought you'd never ask! Here at Mindhut HQ, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the other grossest restaurant innovations ever:

1. Salad bars without sneeze guards.
Salad bars are kind of gross in the first place, since, well, salad is kind of gross. And salad that's sitting out for hours, or perhaps for days, weeks, or even longer, without protection or refrigeration... even grosser. And if you then go and remove that little bit of plastic that's keeping people's bodily fluids out of the dressing... then unprotected salad becomes #1 on our list of grossest restaurant innovations.

2. Styrofoam containers made out of milk.
Following the huge success of compostable utensils made out of corn or potato starch, manufacturers are getting a little too creative. Scientists are attempting to create a styrofoam-like material made of milk proteins. One of the technological challenges: "scientists will need to make sure that the new material doesn't smell like sour milk." Sounds like the perfect container for the leftover yogurt you decide to take home from the salad bar.

3. Tuna pie.
From worldwide fast food chain Jollibee, the Tuna Pie looks like a McDonald's Apple Pie, but instead of a sweet fruit filling, it's fish. Tuna fish. The item does apparently have a cult following, but, unfortunately, cults usually aren't a good thing.

4. Online restaurant inspection results.
Maybe full transparency should be seen as a good thing, but we think it's possible to go too far. In many cities, including New York, full results of restaurant inspections are now available online. Which means it's all-too-tempting to check out how your favorite restaurant fared. And, shocking news, even when restaurants pass their inspections, there are still some disgusting violations. We don't necessarily need to know that there are rat droppings in pretty much every restaurant kitchen.

5. The Taiwanese bathroom-themed restaurant chain, Modern Toilet
According to their website, "in the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream – a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet." Given the huge success of ice cream meant to look as much like poop as possible, they expanded their menu to include curries, pastas, and drinks served in tiny urinals. The seats are even shaped like toilets. We're hungry already.

What's the grossest new restaurant trend you can come up with?

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