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There's Going To Be A Giant, Terrifying Squid On TV

There's Going To Be A Giant, Terrifying Squid On TV

Good morning, children! Did you sleep well? Dream sweetly? Not tormented by visions of terrible sea creatures lurking down in the deep, peering into the blackness with their opaque enormous deadeyes and waiting to wrap their razored mouths around your succulent flesh? Well, enjoy it while it lasts — because per a report over at Yahoo! News, a bunch of Japanese aquatic researchers have just snagged the first-ever video clip of a ten-foot giant squid... and they're going to show it on television. Why? Because they're evil sadists who want to show you horrors that will haunt your nightmares until the end of time, that's why.

The ginormous squid has long been the stuff of alarming sightings and ancient legend (most historians believe that it's the inspiration behind mythical monster the Kraken, which was so memorably released by Liam Neeson in "Clash of the Titans"), but it's an elusive beast; up until ten years ago, nobody had even so much as photographed one, let alone caught it on video. But after 100 deep-sea dives, the dedicated researchers finally managed to lure the giant in using a not-so-giant squid as bait, then followed it down nearly 3,000 feet below the surface to film it in its natural habitat. And if you think you'd like to witness this tentacled beastie in action—and you don't mind, y'know, never sleeping again—then make sure to mark your calendar and/or set your DVR for January 27th at 8pm, when the footage will air on the Discovery channel.

Are you going to tune in for the unveiling of the giant squid video?

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