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Awesome Light Saber Videos!

Awesome Light Saber Videos!

No matter what you think of the post 80's Star Wars movies, pretty much everyone can agree that the light saber battles are always awesome. There's just something endlessly entertaining about seeing people battle one another with glowing red and blue strips of light accompanied with those super cool sound effects. With the advent of YouTube, pretty much everyone and everything now has the ability to become a light saber wielding jedi master. So with that in mind we present you our favorite YouTube light saber videos!

1. Kid Spazzes Out with Light Saber!

This might be the YouTube video that started it all. This perennial classic features an awkward young teen caught in a private moment of horsing around for the camera. That is, until someone came across this random video and edited in light saber effects, making it one of the most watched viral videos of all time.

2. Old Man Light Saber duel!

We don't speak French, so we have no clue what these old guys are bickering about (maybe one of them insulted the other's baguette), but who cares? They're hilarious! We especially like the fact that one of them has a backup light saber in his tractor.

3. Badminton Jedi!

Badminton isn't exactly the most popular game in sports these days, but you throw in some light sabers and it's awesome!

4. Jedi Kittens!

That's right, humans aren't the only animal on this planet that can wield a light saber. Check this video out—it might just be the cutest light saber video in the galaxy!

Who would win in a light saber battle: the 10th Doctor or the 11th Doctor?

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