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Can Movie Death Scenes in 2013 Compare to These from Last Year?

Can Movie Death Scenes in 2013 Compare to These from Last Year?

LES MIS SPOILER: Say what you like about Russell Crowe's singing voice in Les Miserables, his death scene was twenty times epic. Not only does he leap into the Seine, he breaks his nuts on stone. So cool. But hey, let's not forget that there were a lot of good dying going on in 2012 movies! Let's review, shall we, class?


5. Hadley's (Cabin in the Woods). Never gonna see a merman.

Why We Loved It: This hilarious gag had been building the whole movie.

Why It's Not #1: We only liked the rest of the movie somewhat. It felt like Joss Whedon was trying to make a cult classic.

4. Lincoln's (Lincoln). Unscored and understated, these last few minutes of the film ended it quietly and perfectly. Even though we knew this death was coming, we didn't want it to happen.

Why We Loved It: It was sad, it was sacred, it really happened.

Why It's Not #1: It really happened, and that's just not awesome. Imagine if Abraham Lincoln were still alive! He'd probably be a crimefighter who throws his stovepipe hat at evildoers and they explode.

3. Batman's (The Dark Knight Rises). Of course, this one's the only non-real death, but it still counts because even if Bruce Wayne lived, Batman died. Or did he?

Why We Loved It: It almost made the movie a classic.

Why It's Not #1: The movie isn't a classic.

2. Agent Coulson's (Marvel's The Avengers). The guy who'd always been in the background in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Thor nearly stole the show midway through the year's biggest blockbuster.

Why We Loved It: The twist of him dying and giving motivation to the Avengers was pretty respectable. He'd been well-formed as a character for several movies and yet his death was completely unexpected.

Why It's Not #1: Because my friend's little brother told me he died before I saw the movie. Stupid kid.

1. Joe's (Looper). When the main character turns his blunderbuss on himself to save Emily Blunt and the whole freaking future, the movie just went from "pretty darn good" to "crazy darn good."

Why We Love It: We love self-sacrifice. We love time travel. We didn't really love the way Bruce Willis disappeared into time-hell, but whatever.

Why It's #1: Looper was 2012's Inception, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's death made it the classic it was.

What was your favorite death scene from last year?

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