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Two New Geek-Centric TV Shows: One Exalts While the Other Insults

Two New Geek-Centric TV Shows: One Exalts While the Other Insults

The other night, while settling into my fuzzy owl pajamas to prepare for an X-Files marathon, I stumbled upon the following clips, and had these thoughts:

  • My darling dearest college buddy is on the Youtubes!
  • Unfortunately, so is a trailer for one of the worst mistakes TBS has ever made.

Let’s discuss them both!

The first is a trailer for the Youtube series by IGN START, Geek Love. This seems pretty straight forward, documenting the difficulties nerds and geeks may face on the dating front. Most of the people featured appear honestly awkward, if a bit stereotypical in representation.

You see, that adorable blonde Potterhead in the beginning of the clip? She is one of my closest friends! Way back in my college days, she found me floundering to reconcile my girlishness with my dweebishness. She picked me up, dusted me off, and said, “Gorgeous, you’re a geek. And that’s ok.”

Did I mention I met her in Harry Potter class? Yes, that was a real thing.

The second video is some sort of abomination begat by TBS. It’s yet another competitive reality TV series regurgitated with a “nerdy” twist. Basically, they’ve picked up a bunch of stereotypes, exploited their social inadequacies, and pitted them against each other to try to impress those old guys from Revenge of the Nerds.

Do you know what this feels like? It’s kind of like when the Internet radios start playing Weezer, and you respond by punching your computer and screaming, “What the frak is this? You think I fit your little nerd-hipster algorithm? YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME, PANDORA?”

Alright, so maybe that’s just me.

So, why does Geek Love feel endearing, if slightly forced, while King of the Nerds feels downright insulting? Perhaps it’s because Geek Love simply documents a few personal stories within a subculture. King of the Nerds, on the other hand, uses competition and clichés to reduce nerds to the object of mockery. I’m sorry TBS, but I do believe we’ve had enough of that, thank you very much.

All I know is this: I am a nerd, and so are you. Most likely, anyway, because you read the awesomeness that is The MindHut. While King of the Nerds angers me, I also know that Nerd Snark is a dangerous thing, and we should never take ourselves too seriously, lest we become the same as the monstrous “cool kids” that once bullied us. And we, dear Masterminds, are above all that.

So, what are your thoughts? Will you be watching Geek Love or King of the Nerds? Are you in love with Miss Blonde Potterhead the way I am? Do you hate me for not liking Weezer? Speak now!

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