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QUIZ: Which Character From Toy Story Are You?

QUIZ: Which Character From Toy Story Are You?

Toy Story has become a modern classic in the world of animation. The story is so universal, anyone can relate to it (and if you can't, then you are a robot and have no emotion). The most memorable part of the film, however, are its great characters. There are those who found themselves siding with Woody, and those who found common ground with Buzz. Which side did you fall on? Find out below, by answering a few revealing questions, which Toy Story character you are!

Your physic could best be described as…

a. Slim but soft

b. Tough like armor

c. To be honest… a little bit porky

d. Amorphous

e. Unproportional

Your favorite color scheme is…

a. Red, yellow, blue

b. Green, white, purple

c. All pink all the time

d. A simple base with changing accents


When you play a game you…

a. Always win.

b. Take risks and dominate the competition

c. Go HAM!

d. Lose all your pieces

e. Get confused. And flustered. And scared. And OHH NO!!

You could best describe you style as…

a. Blue jeans and cowboy boots

b. The newest fashions

c. Naked!

d. Something different every day

e. Style!? I’m still scared and confused over the last question!!

What do you value most?

a. Loyalty

b. Adventure

c. Money

d. Loved Ones

e. Fun

If you could time-travel your number one destination would be…

a. The Old West

b. The Future

c. Shakespearian times to see a production of Hamlet

d. Ireland

e. The Jurassic Period

How would your friends best describe you?

a. Leader

b. Exciting

c. Loaded

d. Challenging

e. Ditsy


If you answered mostly As, you are WOODY!
A brave leader and loyal friend, you are often the voice of reason. Friends respect and look up to you. You are reliable and, on occasion, may find a snake in your boot.

If you answered mostly Bs you are BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!
Bold, brave, and exciting, some people may say you have your head in the clouds, but you don’t mind. You believe in yourself and have an insatiable thirst for adventure. Always ready to leap into action, you have no problem being the hero and standing up for what is right.

If you answered mostly Cs you are HAM!
More mature than many of your friends, you are intelligent and full of reasoning skills. You are easily irritated by ignorance and your impatience can come across as condescending at times. Despite this, you are full of knowledge and a valuable resource to have around.

If you answered mostly Ds you are MR POTATO HEAD!
Bold and critical, you don’t have a problem questioning authority. Your emotions can change in an instant yet somehow you are great in relationships. You’re fun to be around but people had better stay away once you get your angry eyes on!

If you answered mostly Es you are REX!
Your roar is bigger than your bite. Some people may misunderstand you as being intimidating, but your real friends know that you’re a good guy at heart. You are easily excitable and goofy at times. You can be a bit anxious but at the end of the day, you just like to have a good time.

Which character matches your personality best?

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