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How To Beat The Winter Blues Geek-Style

How To Beat The Winter Blues Geek-Style

After the merry-making of the holiday season and the partying of New Year's Eve, it finally sets in: the bare realization that the long uninterrupted cold of January, Februrary, and most of March is here to stay without relief and barely a week's vacation to interrupt the gloom. Fortunately, we at The MindHut are original! Creative! And mostly, have a lot of time on our hands to devise the best ways to beat the winter blues, geek-style.

Build Your Own TARDIS

A couple years back, the BBC hosted a build your own TARDIS competition in America. Granted, the contest is closed now, but who's to stop you from building your own this winter? If Steven Moffat can redesign the interior for the recent Christmas Special, we say you can build your own Time and Relative Dimension In Space machine all your own without the incentive of a DVD box set prize. Major plus to this plan: YOURS doesn't necessarily have to be stuck as a 1960s Blue British Police Box.

Read All of Neil Gamain's Books

You'll thank us when you've finished for introducing you to one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time.

Create A Memoriam Montage of Characters Who Have Gone To The Great Superhero HQ  in the Sky in 2012

It's awards season time in Hollywood, and we guarantee you that every one of them will have a serious and gloomy montage of those in the entertainment industry who have passed. We at The MindHut are all for remembering awesome people, but we think that its time that CHARACTERS got a montage of their own as well. Who didn't cry when Agent Phil Coulson sacrificed his life in this summer's Avengers? Who else wiped a tear away when Bruce Wayne retired to frolic with Catwoman in the Italian sun, passing the Batman torch on to Robin? Who was furious when Peter's daughter on Fringe got the axe and sent Peter on a rampaging crusade of revenge against the Observers? And, oh yeah, saddest death ever this year: Rue in The Hunger Games. Our beloved characters deserve remembrance too, so get on those YouTube tribute montages with a mix of Mumford and Sons saddest singles as the soundtrack!

Solve a Rubix Cube

They're really hard.

If You Can't Solve A Rubix Cube, Build A Lego Mountain Fortress of Doom, Which is Much More Fun

Legos. Are. Awesome. One of our friends works as an engineer at LEGO, so she basically gets to design new Lego contraptions every day all the time. Translation: she has the best job ever. Since not all of us can have her job (and have considered and discarded taking her brain over in an attempt to bogart her awesome career), the next best thing is to break out our own Lego sets and build the best fortress in the history of fortresses. We're talking moats, catapults, bridges, dragons, the works. Even better: if there's snow where you live, make a Lego Snow Fortress of Doom and then start your campaign of Global Domination with an arsenal of snowballs and Lego-Icicle Soldiers.

Learn Elvish And Subtitle All of The Hobbit Movies in It

We're sure LOTR Elvish subtitled versions are already out there. Therefore, learn the language this winter, and be ready to jump on The Hobbit train every time one of the trilogy is released to DVD! You'll thank us when you are awarded a knighthood by Elrond himself, and are given a bear hug by Thorin Oakenshield, much like Bilbo earned in this year's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

What are you doing to beat the winter blues, geek style?

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