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College Courses We'd Love to Take

College Courses We'd Love to Take

College has its definite ups and downs, but we’ve found strong evidence that suggests it’s cooler than ever. Take, for example, the following courses that are really real and actually exist! Here are a handful of current (or very recent) college courses that are, quite literally, too cool for school.

“Philosophy and Star Trek,” Georgetown University

In this course, the possibilities and limitations of time travel, the complexities of free will, and the works of great philosophers are all discussed, with episodes of the classic sci-fi series serving as a backdrop and jumping off point for discussions. Beam us up immediately!

“Exploring Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Portland State University

As longtime denizens of Whedon-ville know, Buffy was a very layered show that was laden with metaphor, and full of fantastic things to talk about. Many academics also took notice, and ‘Buffy studies’ were born. There have also been courses at Oberlin college and Marquette University that focused solely on Buffy.

Star Wars: A Complete Saga?” University of North Carolina at Wilmington

In this online college course, students examine, among other things, the global impact of Star Wars, what (if anything) the prequels added to the series, and will read loads o’ “literature that supplements the events of the films and even continues the story beyond episode VI.”

“Rhetoric of Video Games,” University of Texas at Austin

A primary goal of this course is, according to the course description, to examine and discuss the ways in which “procedures inherent in video games make arguments about the world.” So, the next time your parents get on you for your gaming habits, be sure to tell them that legitimate scholars have crafted college courses on the importance of the gaming universe! Every pixel tells a story!

“Science from Superheroes to Global Warming,” University of California at Irvine

This physics course should be offered at EVERY university! Covering a vast array of topics from what really propelled Wonder Woman’s invisible jet to whether or not Superman could ever really fly, this course seemingly combines science and superheroes in ways we normally only get to dream of in our own heads!

“Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes & Human Behavior,” Michigan State University

The instructor of this course says its aim is to look at how people behave during and after a catastrophe. So, what to expect in a class like this one? From the course description: “the course begins and ends with a ‘Catastrophic Event Simulation’ (a Coronal Mass Ejection Incident has caused a Zombie pandemic). Students are assigned into Survivor Groups located throughout the United States and must face the challenges of living and surviving together during a catastrophic event.” Alrighty, then! Let the apocalypse begin!

“The Science of Harry Potter,” Frostburg State University, Maryland

This course is offered as an honors seminar, which basically means you need to be a junior or senior at the university to take it—but, promising to delve into how and/or why magic really works sounds like it's well worth the wait!

“JRR Tolkien,” Wheaton College (Massachusetts)

No, Wil Wheaton doesn’t have a college named after him. In this course, students examine Tolkien’s work, as well as the sources that inspired him. Signing up means reading 2,000 pages, bare minimum—but what fine pages they’ll be! And you get to tell your friends you’re headed to Tolkien class! How sweet is that?

What other awesome classes have you heard of (or wish existed)?

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