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Superhero Gadgets We Wish Were Real

Superhero Gadgets We Wish Were Real

We’ve read a lot of comics in our time, Masterminds, and we’ve often considered how cool it would be to get to be a supehero for a day. Kicking some bad guy butt, getting to pilot some of the coolest vehicles around, and playing with awesome superhero technology—sounds like a pretty sweet gig to us (sans lycra, of course).

The best thing would definitely be the superhero gadgets, though. Unlike Bruce Wayne, we may not have the money it would take to build such marvelous crime-fightin’ toys or access to our very own Lucius Fox, but we sure as heck can assemble a list of the sweetest, most awesome superhero inventions ever. Here are some of the most awesome superhero inventions we wish were real.

The Batarang

Batman’s been wielding the batarang since 1939, so it’s definitely a classic superhero gadget. In that time there’s been a wealth of different batarangs, from ones that could catch enemies, others that could electrocute or explode on impact through to batarangs that could distract foes. There were even speciality GPS programmable batarangs that could be programmed to fly to specific locations. The batarang may not be the most technically advanced superhero gadget, but it’s one of the most versatile.

Lasso Of Truth

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is another superhero gadget that is both iconic and awesome in its simplicity. The Lasso of Truth compels all living creatures to tell the truth—a super handy tool when you’re fighting evil on a daily basis! Add to that the fact that it’s virtually indestructible and you’ve got yourself one seriously awesomesauce crime fighing tool. Seriously, Masterminds—who hasn’t wanted to use the Lasso of Truth on someone at least once?

Iron Man’s Suit

Tony Stark was fortunate enough to dodge the horrors of the unitard. He also had the smarts and resources to come up with arguably the coolest superhero suit, ever. The suit is powered by the arc reactor in his chest and is remotely operated by JARVIS, Stark’s artificial intelligence. The suit is able to perform hundreds of awe-inspiring tasks, but by far the coolest of all are its jet rocket function, allowing Stark to fly at fantastical speeds and its ability to make a backup of Stark’s mind and pilot the suit in the exact way Stark would in the event of critical injury.  Forget private jets, this is the real way to fly.

Web Shooters

It wasn’t Spiderman’s ability to ascend to the greatest of heights or his spidey sense that made him a no-brainer inclusion on our list. The awesome gadget that had us falling over ourselves to include him were his web shooters—specifically the artificial web shooters we see him use in the latest reboot, The Amazing SpiderMan.  Arguably the most iconic part of his arsenal, Spidey’s web shooters are incredibly strong, allowing him to fight foes, save friends and get around New York in an actual New York minute.

Power Ring

One of the few pieces of jewelry most people wouldn’t mind sporting, Green Lantern’s Power Ring is the ultimate in superhero accessorizing. The ring is powered by its user’s force of will, allowing them to create anything they could possibly imagine. Flight, teleportation, force field creation, and placing others in a state of suspended animation are just a few of the ring’s powers. Sadly no one who has worn the ring was able to imagine a movie version of Green Lantern starring Nathan Fillion, but we live in hope.

Which superhero gadget would you love to get your hands on?

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