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Top 5 Demolition Fails Caught on Video

Top 5 Demolition Fails Caught on Video

Blowing stuff up is awesome. Period. And we are not afraid to embrace the pure and total awesomeness of how awesomely awesome it is. Just take a look at some of the shows on television today. Human Wrecking Balls, Destroy Build Destroy, Smash Lab, The Detonators, Destroyed in Seconds, and Time Warp are all programs that focus on the delicate subject matter of big, powerful, messy, loud DESTRUCTION!

Of course, these shows are all deeply rooted in scientific principles such as leverage and momentum and Einstein’s theory of “if you put a cherry bomb in a microwave, the slow-mo footage will be freaking awesome!”

In fact, with the success of this sort of programming, it seems like the only thing more entertaining than watching a person successfully defeat an inanimate object is seeing that same person fail while trying to do so. So in the spirit of quality entertainment, we scoured YouTube in search of THE TOP FIVE DEMOLITION FAILS!


This 65-foot silo is made of iron and concrete and it has simply got to go. Of course, everyone knows that the most effective way to bring down a structure this size is by swinging a sledgehammer at it. A lot. And if for some reason that doesn’t work, there’s always the option of utilizing a good old-fashioned American tractor.

The Leaning Tower of London

We love this video because when the skyscraper realized that a demolition company was trying to knock it down, instead of fighting back, the building crouched and hid behind a tree. Very sneaky, skyscraper!

Husbands Are Dumb

Depending on how you view the outcome of this video, the man in it is either the best or worst demonlitionist to ever live. For additional fun, turn up the volume and enjoy his wife’s nonchalant color commentary.

Cutting Pipe

This video is refreshing because it’s always good to see an underdog come out on top. Way to fight back, pipe!

Human Wrecking Balls

While compiling this list, it was difficult to limit it to just five videos. Really, there are SO many more untrained unprofessionals out there trying to match strength and wits with inanimate objects. So in salute to them, this final selection is a majestic montage of human’s destructive achievements. Keep an eye out for the man who runs throat-first through 100 yards of fluorescent lightbulbs and PLEASE do not try any of this at home.

What is the biggest demolition fail you've ever seen with your own eyes?

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