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Check Out This Video Tour of the International Space Station!

Check Out This Video Tour of the International Space Station!

Great news, Masterminds! Astronaut Sunita Williams has put together an awesome video tour of the International Space Station. Ever wondered where the ISS astronauts sleep? What they eat? How they go to the bathroom? Or just, what daily life is like in the biggest and most utilized space station ever built? Now's your chance!

This video a comprehensive view of the station's many facilities, and it's also a fun hang out sesh with Williams. She is easily one of the coolest people to have ever walked on Earth... or in space, for that matter. As the Commander of the ISS, Williams holds all sorts of records, and she even ran the 2007 Boston Marathon from—you guessed it—outer space! We warn you: it's kind of impossible not to fall in love with her as she casually floats around, explaining the mechanisms in her home away from home. In fact, it's a bittersweet moment for Williams, as she filmed this on her last day aboard the station.

Though we recommend watching the whole tour, the one moment you really don't want to miss is at minute 12, when she shows off the ISS's Cupola view port. The small cylindrical space is reminiscent of those boats with transparent bottoms, only instead of a coral reef or a pod of dolphins, it's our whole planet through the looking glass. It's hard not to get hit with a vicarious "Overview Effect." It's also especially moving when Williams points out the Soyuz spacecraft perched on the side of the station, which will carry her back to Earth later that day.

25 minutes is a long time for most Internet videos, but trust us, you'll be glad you watched this one all the way through!

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