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The 5 Geekiest Restaurants in the World

The 5 Geekiest Restaurants in the World

A Roman poet once penned (chiseled?) the phrase, "give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt." While we're pretty sure that he was talking about clown-shaped donuts, we have been told that what he was really suggesting is that most men remain content as long as they are fed and entertained. What the Romans probably did NOT foresee was the creation of an establishment perfectly dedicated to fulfilling both basic human needs in one convenient sitting. The essential establishment in question? Theme restaurants!

Ahh the glory! Theme restaurants are truly an institution as great as Rome, itself! These entertaining eateries can be found all around the globe and they cater to all types of people (food pun fully intended). So for you, our loyal geek empire, we’ve had the honor of compiling THE GEEKIEST RESTARUANTS IN THE WORLD!

The Miracle of Science

This is a burger joint in Cambridge, Massachusetts whose décor gravitates around, you guessed it, SCIENCE! Their menu is handwritten into a white chalk periodic table above the bar. Drinks are served in beakers, condiments come in test tubes, and we can only hypothesize that the chef wears goggles and a lab coat! Overall, this sounds like a textbook interesting atmosphere for striking up some chemistry on a first date.

The Rectum Bar

You will crap your pants when you hear about this place in Vienna. It is literally shaped as a giant sphincter. Located outside of the Museums Quarter, The Rectum Bar is intended to operate, not only as a functional bar and lounge, but also as a larger-than-life replica of the human digestive track. Its design starts at the tongue, continues through the intestines, and ends at the anus. Hungry yet?

Clo Wine Bar

For those with a bit classier taste, you may want to check out Clo Wine Bar in New York City. This geek chic hangout located in the famed Time Warner Center boasts a collection of over 100 international wines. The catch? Drinks are ordered and distributed solely through a touchscreen surface, ensuring that wealthy patrons never have to make awkward contact with the serving class.


This Bangkok restaurant also takes advantage of touchscreen technology. Here, costumers can order with their fingertips after scrolling through a photo menu of options. For a more “personal” feel, the food is then delivered by robots who will also sing and dance for your entertainment. This may seem a bit excessive but, to be honest, it’s probably a lot more animated than most Applebees employees. And besides, it’s encouraging to know that Rosie has been able to find work after The Jetsons.

World of Warcraft Restaurant

It's in Beijing, China, and all we can say is: WoW. We think the video says the rest:

What geek themed restaurant would you want to see?

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