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5 Amazing Science Experiment Videos That'll Blow Your Mind

5 Amazing Science Experiment Videos That'll Blow Your Mind

Science is freaking cool. You’re not going to find a lot of folks at the MindHut who disagree. The problem is that good science is slow and tedious stuff. It’s a lot of educated people putting in a lot of quiet hours to get a few amazing results every once in a while, but we want our science fix now, dangit! If you are like us and you want a quick dose of the smart stuff in your eye-holes, here’s a sampling of some of the Interwebz best offerings.

1) Wierdest Chemical Reaction I have Ever Freaking Seen!!

It’s called the pharaoh serpent reaction, but you probably know it better as 2Нg(NCS)2 = 2HgS + C3N4 + CS2 (or as the principle that makes those 4th of July snakes work). Not only is it a cool chemical reaction, it’s also pretty effective nightmare fuel. If this doesn’t make you think of dread Cthulhu rising from the sea floor, you clearly aren’t getting enough Lovecraft in your diet. Go to 1:23 in the video to get your instant "yikes" fix.

2) NASA: Amazing Experiments with Water in Zero Gravity

It’s so simple, but so fun! This is a video of someone screwing around at work—in space! The best part? It’s 4:47 when he says, “Okay, enough of that, let’s get back to doing some science.”

3) Gummi Bear Dropped Into Potassium Chlorate

There are about a hundred different YouTube videos of this reaction, and that's no surprise. It’s quick, simple, and dramatic! Also, in keeping with the theme from our first video, it’s kind of disturbing. That’s the sound of a gummi bear screaming, isn’t it? *shudder*

4) Cool Sound and Water Experiment!

The video title is a little misleading. It’s really a cool sound, water, and videography experiment. There’s no trick photography here, just an artifact of the way that video recording works. As an aside, a rudimentary understanding of the way recording devices work would instantly wipe out about 40% of all paranormal evidence—another 59% disappears with a rudimentary understanding of how the human mind works.

5) Hilarious Experiment On Monkeys

There’s nothing we can say that’s going to make this experiment any funnier. Presented for your enjoyment, “Do Monkeys Have a Sense of Fairness?” (AKA—“Do Cucumbers Suck?”)

Bonus Self-administered Experiment: selective attention test

We’ve played around with this one, and remain a bit skeptical. Watch it, follow the instructions, and report your results in the comments. Science ho!

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